Pandemic Learning Curve; or, shaving your own head for the first time…

Well, definitely didn’t expect how that turned out, in the sense that it wasn’t nearly as bad a job as I thought it might be.

After getting some ladies at the hair place to basically shave my head three weeks ago (which they didn’t quite do as much as I thought–I guess they figured I’d resent it), I promised myself while this crazy pandemic was going on that I wouldn’t go back for a personal service again.

That meant I’d better be prepared to start shaving my own head.

I bumped into somebody at my job whose skull was completely bald last week. I’d been looking online for the best trimmers or shavers or whatever to use and was getting so damned lost. Of course, even when I checked women’s blogs or articles about shaving heads, I didn’t get specific brands or preferences.

So, I asked what he used, and he told me Norelco. I went to Target right after work and decided I was gonna get it. I didn’t get the one with the spinny heads only, but one that had a decent adjustable trimmer attachment, too, because everything I’d read had said that I’d better knock that hair down good before I go for all-the-way.

I didn’t get the guts to try and use it til tonight.

Three things occurred to me once I’d charged the Norelco and started using it:

  1. Glad I showered right before I started to soften the hair and scalp.
  2. I need to get a really big hand mirror so that this works a lot better next time.
  3. Damn that’s a lot of hair in the sink, and it’s all less than an inch long.

I figured I’d make cleanup easy by putting the stopper in the sink and letting the hose and vacuum do it’s thing.

Yeah, I have one of those hand-held makeup mirrors, but I should get a big one with a handle so I can see the back of my head far better and get it all done quicker. Guess I know what I need to get before work tomorrow.

My hair wasn’t nearly this close the first time around.. It feels like sandpaper up there right now, and looked crazy weird when I did that first line. I put it on the shortest setting to get the most hair off my scalp. I think I picked a good shaver to use because after many passes to make sure I didn’t leave funky clumps, I don’t feel any nicks or scratches.

I also haven’t gone for the full bowling-ball approach yet. I’ll do that in the morning if I can, or maybe next weekend. I think this would be a great experiment to see how fast my hair grows in the course of a week, so I’ll call it a night and put some moisturizer up there.

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