Blitz Q #139: Why does a faucet need an aerator?

I was thinking about this when washing my hands a bit ago and the water stream was all broken up (whoever installed it tightened it way too much so I can’t unscrew and clean it… yet). I remembered when I had to replace an old faucet before that they kept talking about making sure to screw on the aerator.

But tonight I got thinking–what the heck is an aerator and why do faucets need one?

Well, a few minutes ago I found an article (finally!) from Hunker regarding aerators. That they catch residues and whatnot and need cleaning (like mine apparently does). That they break up the water into smaller streams and reduces splashing. That the aerator’s mesh slows down water actually coming out while the force of the backed up water creates a nice amount of pressure.

Well, okay, but why is it important to have air flow in the water?

Short answer: the feel of plenty of water coming out the pipe but actually less than you think, thereby saving money.

Hmm… It’s just one of those weird things I’ve wondered about when I’m in cleaning mode, I guess.

And apparently there are “aerator keys” available to buy if you have a faucet that doesn’t seem to wanna let go of its aerator. I might just have to make some kind of small investment soon.

Guess I know what I’ll be working on in the morning…

5 thoughts on “Blitz Q #139: Why does a faucet need an aerator?

  1. Scottie says:

    Hello THE CHATTY INTROVERT. I always use a pair of channel lock pliers, but if you don’t have soft grips it can mark the fine finish. Another thing you can try is the grippy things for getting jar lids open. Hugs


      • Scottie says:

        Hello TheChattyIntrovert. Ron tells me they all have the little outer ring like ours do. He has a set of channel locks that have rubber grips so they do not mark the finish. You shouldn’t use regular pliers as they don’t have the same shape to grip. I am sorry I can not help more, I am a computer geek, hubby is the home repairman builder. Best wishes. Hugs

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