History Repeats & it Stinks: Bill Maher’s June 2018 New Rule Dumps on the Thin Blue Line

Strange how this video popped up on my view list today, and I watched it maybe three times. A week shy of two years ago, Bill Maher had this final New Rule to close the evening’s show, with his typical sardonic commentary that hits so damn close to home right now.

Scary how few of these I saw before now. Amazing how brutal they are, and how often they happened. Guess these just didn’t make national news.

This begs the question for me: how many more have gone on in the past two years since this segment aired?

Shit… it’s draining just think about.

Without further ado…

Yeah, he does the humor thing, naturally, but dammit–he brings up good points. Points we’re bringing up today.

Scary how much must’ve happened that didn’t make nationwide news.

Be well, all.

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