Absurd Q #135: What Will Trump’s Presidential Library Look Like?

After reading all the analyses of Dump’s habits and tendencies towards the written word (and especially that ridiculous photo op), it got me thinking about presidential legacies.

Especially since I’m firmly believing he SHALL be voted out in November, so somebody’s gonna have to start making some plans on this one.

FDR started the first presidential library in a sense by willing the state documents and such to the national archives because he believed all these papers were in essence the property of the American people. Obviously, they’re gonna hang onto the “classified” stuff for a while, but other things were good to go. Truman followed suit and then the Presidential Libraries Act of 1955 was enacted to help preserve documents in privately funded buildings that would eventually be given to the control of the National Archives.

I haven’t been to one yet, but I’m curious to see a few.

Barack Obama’s Presidential Library is the first fully digital library due to the prevalence of digital communications in his administration (PDF’ing and the like). There is a small physical library with some things on display around Chicago. From what I understand, archivists are helping ensure the preservation of the rest of the documents and artifacts in a location not available to the public as yet because of the need to make records rooms and facilities as “archive-safe” as possible.

Dubya-Bush has a digital record available online, but also a large physical library in Dallas with events and record rooms, which at first glance looks a lot like what you’d see on any museum’s website, really.

Seriously, if you’re bored, go to the Presidential Libraries page and click on the ones you wanna take a look at.

But now, we have the ultimate not-reader-in-chief that’s gonna have to leave a legacy as well that the public can visit. It’s pretty obvious that it’s gonna be mostly digital, but what’s going to be featured? Memos, photos, cheeseburger wrappers, what?

Is he gonna have someone at Twitter save all his tweets and have them scroll constantly on a monitor or two somewhere? Or have that scroll of tweets available to review online on his own library webpage?

Any artifacts he’d donate from his time in the White House? Items and documents up for display? What would the placards say?

I’m just coming up blank, really.

Hell, now I wanna go visit the Gerald R. Ford page and see what that one has, considering that few can think of many of his accomplishments, either (besides pardoning Nixon)…

…(click, click, click)…

Oh shit.

The first thing I see on the title page’s slideshow is a picture of the building… in Ann Arbor, Michigan…called the DeVos Learning Center.

I almost snorted coffee out of my nose, dammit!


Anyhoo, I’m sure there’s gonna be a physical location somewhere, maybe in Dump Tower. Would it be gilded in gold, too, or maybe a stripped-down business-like office space?

How much space for the gift shop? Will there be a McDonald’s inside?

What will a Donald J. Trump Presidential Library look like? What would be in it?

Floor’s yours, because I’m having the hardest time picturing it myself…


The Kramer Presidential Library Scene. (I love My Fellow Americans, wish there was a better version of this clip out there).

6 thoughts on “Absurd Q #135: What Will Trump’s Presidential Library Look Like?

    • TheChattyIntrovert says:

      That’s why it’s one of my “absurd” q’s–because every modern president has some kind of “Presidential Library,” but what the hell goes into one for a president who famously refuses to read anything?


  1. Scottie says:

    Hello THE CHATTY INTROVERT. As mentioned above it will be overwhelmingly gaudy. It will be totally a monument to tRump’s ego. Lots of pictures, many doctored. Constant signs and posters of praise for tRump from everyone everywhere, again most lies or simply made up. There will be grand slogans for how tRump saved the country, made the US great by bring back the best economy, the most employment ever, the greatest trade ever, and so on. It will be totally divorced from reality and tRump will brag constantly on it, saying it is the best one ever, people are saying so … Hugs

    Liked by 2 people

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