A police reckoning has arrived (from Square Cop in a Round World’s blog)

I was wondering when I’d find more than a sound-byte or photo regarding police and what they think about all this that’s going on: the riots, Mr. Floyd’s death, the “bad apples.”

Well, there’s a voice out there I like to read, and though sometimes I’m not sure how I feel about what she’s saying (granted, I’m a civvy, no cops in my family, and raised on too many cop shows like most of us), I think every post is worth consideration.

Especially this one. For all those who want to hear from a person in law enforcement and what they have to say to their fellow officers and the public regarding these events… then here you go.

Virtual hugs. Be well, be safe, and let’s work together wherever we can.

via A police reckoning has arrived

photo from The Guardian, June 1st, 2020–Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo made a speech then marched with protesters.

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