Chopping my hair off just in time for the flying ants & horseflies to make it hell outside…

I was surprised to find so many flying ants outside my back door tonight. Those long whitish-clear wings, just swarmed around the bug light at the back porch. And the front porch. What sucked if every time I had to open the door, more would come in.

Well, I got to play “shock tennis” with more than a few of them. I’m very glad I had two AA batteries left in my stash so I could swat and shock the little buggers. I sprayed ant and roach killer around each door jamb and between the screen and main doors in the front. They were really trying to get in the house there–ugh.

I got my hair cut yesterday (the salon is taking all regulated precautions and I had my mask and gloves on the whole time myself). I had to cut the back really short. It was weighing me down but more than that, it’s irritating when it constantly gets stuck on my neck when I’m working outside. Even my hair bands and hats weren’t helping. I was an inch away from just getting my neighbor to shave the whole darn thing off.

Not like I have anybody to impress right now. And a hot summer is right around the corner. Too much hair just makes it too hot.

More than that, I started getting those really big flies caught in my hair, and it freaked me out and hurt like hell.

Now that I think about it, I don’t think the bigger ones are horseflies. From what I remember (from getting bit before), horseflies are more bulbous in the body and almost bluish. These bugs are like somewhat striped really big versions of basic houseflies.

And they HURT!

I’ve gotten bit by about half a dozen the past few days. It feels like someone pinching your skin and then digging their fingernail at the pinched part. They’re also really tough bugs. It was feeling one get caught in my hair when it wouldn’t stop buzzing around me that made me decide to cut it all short as I could.

I’m not the type of person that freaks at the idea of bugs. I think of them with a live and let live mentality. But when a particular species has been hurting me and keeps on coming back for more, I get angry as hell.

I don’t like the feel of things in my hair. And all those flies out there, and the flying ants that were swarming all around my door right about the time I was coming back in. Oh man, it was a battle trying to get through them without letting many in. And when I saw a bunch circling around and annoying the birds, I got the batteries for the zapper racket and went to town.

So, I’m trying to figure what I need to do first outside tomorrow. Hope those flying ants die off soon so I can get things done. Amazing how mosquitoes seem to be taking a break because of these guys… and repellent doesn’t seem to do jack to keep these ants away. Ugh.

2 thoughts on “Chopping my hair off just in time for the flying ants & horseflies to make it hell outside…

  1. TheChattyIntrovert says:

    And when I took a closer look at the ants…guess what? I found out most of them were termites!

    Gah! I have a feeling I’m gonna call Terminix before the end of the week just to do a routine spraying and checkup around here. Ugh. I hate termites (and those little wings beating around my hair–eww)

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