Q #130: If quarantine protesters are all about THEIR state’s rights, why wave Trump 2020 or Confederate battle flags?

(image from michiganadvance.com, Anna Liz Nichols)

I hope these protests against lock-down go away quickly, and then the people can go home and stop prolonging the quarantine. You can’t do what you’re doing and expect things to clear up quicker, especially when you’re blocking access to the institutions that need to keep working to do their jobs.

“But hey, as long as I’ve got mine, who fucking cares, right?”

Well, if we ALL feel that way, nothing will get done, dumbass.

To be clear: I’m not a person that sees the flag as something sacred, it’s a symbol… and like all symbols, they can be appropriated for different things. They make statements about different things, some unintentional, some totally intentional.

I’m a Texas southerner by birth, a white woman, and I seethe when I see that damned “Confederate” flag. I hate it. I hate it with a passion. I try so hard not to lose my shit when somebody drones on about Southern heritage (which they usually know little about outside of Gone With The Wind or cherry-picked websites) and then gets defensive about being called racist while flying that flag at home or on their trucks.

But I get annoyed and damned confused, too, because if their “Southern Heritage” is so damned important, they should know it’s not even the official confederate flag. At least, not the rectangular version they tout around.

It’s the flag of the Army of Northern Virginia, Lee’s command, in the Civil War. Since Lee was the best commander, it makes sense some people would want to have that flag as a memento. Even the Confederate government recognized that version would be the most popular and unifying and kinda let it happen. Other regiments in other states copied it or just adopted it for their own as well (a couple in Texas that I could find–forgot the names, 1 or 2 in Tennessee, the Navy Jack from 1863 on, etc.). The square version of the flag became the second official flag of the CSA, and then was squished down into the third version. But it was NOT the actual flag of the Confederate States of America.

The third official flag, after March 4th, 1865, just before the end of the war. They put the red stripe on the side in case someone mistook it for a flag of truce when the wind wasn’t blowing. (image from confederateflags.org)

II swear, haven’t people mentioned this flag all these folks wave around was NOT the actual Confederate flag, OVER AND OVER AGAIN?!

I find it disheartening to see that battle flag being waved around in the North during these protests, like in Michigan, Ohio, or in Colorado. It makes no sense to me.

It’s also the best proof that there are paid agitators drumming all this shit up, because why use the battle flag, Trump re-election flags, and bring guns otherwise?

It’s clearer and clearer to me that there are paid agitators in the mix of cheesed off Dump supporters who have heard their master’s call. And the heaviest protests seem to be in states with a Democratic governor. Gee, I wonder:

  • A flag used to protest civil rights and an adopted symbol of racism for over 100 years.
  • Signs and flags promoting re-election of a man who completely bungled the response to the virus and has been playing hot potato with the states over who has what authority to get supplies and assistance (and the responsibility to get it done) while fanning the flames against the ones he doesn’t like.
  • Over-the-top weapons and tac gear packs (“tacticool”, I heard them described, not legit but looks it).
  • Maybe 99% white folks in the crowd.

Yeah, a home-grown states rights protest? A protest formed by the people in Michigan to force the state government to let them back to work early… with a battle flag of a southern state?

My ass.

If it’s really homegrown, and about state’s rights, then where are these people’s state flags?

Why aren’t the protesters in Michigan flying Michigan flags as they protest? Okay, I did see one in a photo, but it took me a minute.

Why aren’t the protesters in Ohio flying the Ohio flag?

Why aren’t the protesters in Colorado flying the Colorado flag?



Okay, wait. Texans fly the Texas flag for every damned reason because nothing makes you scream “I’m Texan” more than that flag all over the place… it’s like an odd fetish down here to have that flag, so I’m sure there were a few in Austin this week no matter what.

A quick google search indicates plenty of places you can buy your state’s flag, you know.

I’ll admit, I’m glad I didn’t see as many battle flags as I feared I would: The battle flag is used for one purpose only: to stir shit up.

If you’re protesting something that has merit and is helpful (rather than a tantrum with guns), then you don’t see that flag used. It brings up too much hurt, and it makes it obvious that what your protesting is not inclusive.

I don’t think I’d see any black folks, or hispanic folks, or anybody not-white willingly sticking around someone waving that battle flag. If it came into a protest they were with originally, I’m sure they’d duck out real quick, even if they agreed with the aims of the protest.

No wonder the protest pics are a sea of white (often unmasked) faces!

Why not fly your own state’s flag if you love it so much, if that’s the state’s rights your concerned with?

But that “Confederate” flag is waved to represent states rights!

And what states rights were they for? Legal discrimination to create a permanent underclass based on color. There is NOTHING positive about that flag.

Beau had something to say about that flag a few years ago, brought up a few facts I’d forgotten about. I’ll let you in on his short history lesson (he answered a few questions for me for sure when I did some research back then):

Why use it as representation for ALL states rights arguments, not just in the South? Lee fought for Virginia first and foremost. He just happened to have to fight everywhere else, too. Virginia was his country, not the CSA. I haven’t read Lee’s memoirs yet, so the evolution of his views I haven’t gotten to yet. I’m sure he didn’t change his mind too much as time went on, especially when more and more people figured out that the CSA’s power as a government was little more than a joke.

What about other “states rights” moments? Think a moment about the LGBTQ+ community. When they were peacefully protesting discrimination and to have gay rights in different states, asking their state legislatures for gay rights (getting momentum before posing the question nationally). Now, this was a “states rights” issue at first. Did you ever see a single protester in the marches that were FOR gay rights whip out a Confederate battle flag to march with?

What would be the response be to THOSE protests?

And then these folks in these states bring out the guns. WHY?

That’s the part I really don’t get. Bring out the guns? When everybody else is practicing physical distancing (mostly)? You think they’re gonna rush you and start beating you up? The rest of the folks that are trying to comply with the rules want NOTHING to do with you up close.

Oh, but wait. When there’s gridlock in the streets, you’re FORCING these people into closer quarters with you… and that could lead to confrontation.

You’re assholes, if that’s the case.

When your kid’s doing their virtual schoolwork, go get the console and play Call of Duty for a few hours if you need to blow off some steam or feel macho. You look like idiots trying to stir up shit out there with guns and “tacticool” gear. You don’t look smart right now, especially when you say you wanna go back to work and say this virus is a hoax, but are wearing protective gear in the middle of a protest against enforced distancing (it’s what it is to curb this deadly effect, not a middle finger to you or your business or whatever).

Anti-lockdown protester ridiculed for holding ‘Covid-19 is ...

(from msn.com)  Uh huh… oohkay… I hope this is a secretly “ironic protester” there to give the media a photo and soundbyte about how ridiculous this protest really is. Hey, I can dream…

And if this is so home-grown, how come the protests are swarming with Dump supporters? Most states are purple to an extent. Don’t you think there are democratic supporters who are sick of this lock-down, too, and want to go back to work?

That’s the crazy thing: a ton of Trump 2020 flags are definitely NOT an inclusive gesture. Again, like the battle flag, it basically says “we’re not speaking for you.”

Guess Dump got his rallies back after all.

Can anybody say “dance, my puppets, dance?”


So, again, why fly those flags, especially the battle flag?: You’re just bored and trying to piss people off.

Keep everybody stuck at home longer because you’ve helped start the second wave of infections, and you’ll succeed beyond your wildest dreams. Don’t be surprised if you’re name becomes known to your neighbors and they get pissy with you.

Oh, but then you can bemoan your fate as a persecuted individual.

Ugh. Grow up. We’re all supposed to be in this together. Just because your bored and stuck doesn’t mean it’s time to put holes in the boat to give yourself something to do. Don’t sink everybody else because you’re so certain you can swim to that island over there (I hope it’s not a mirage). You have a job–boring, but more effective each day: row the damn boat with us or bail the water out when it gets choppy.

Keep going quietly at home or be part of the solution outside in a business that provides the necessities.

I think all small businesses play a part, and I love supporting them when I can, but right now we don’t need clothing stores, game shops, book stores, theaters or hair cutting places open. And I tend to go to those types of places an awful lot! Come up with ideas and present them logically to the state legislature and see what happens.

If these guys need work that damned badly right now (and can’t get unemployment), how many grocery stores are hiring? Their people need to go home sometimes or stay home to recover–I’m sure there are still openings.

Just treat it like a summer job, like you’re 16 again and need money for a few weeks. And they’ll understand when things get better you’ll go.


I’m so fed up with the battle flag’s use, and the stupidity going on now that I’m getting a headache with my anger.

Anyhoo, floor’s yours if you’ve got anything (or even nothing, not picky). I’m all ears… once I get some more coffee in me.


I ought see if I can get this printed up as my own “battle standard”. The Republic of Books & Coffee, research regiment.

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