From How Does Coronavirus Kill?

I want to shout out to Broadside for their great post on rights and responsibilities, and also having a link to one of the most informative things I’ve seen all month.

It’s from, and it’s simply titled “How Does Coronavirus Kill?” This is very informative and may help some people (who don’t care, aren’t taking it seriously, freaked out and uncertain, whatever) understand what’s going on when a patient that’s COVID-19 positive goes into fatal territory.

I’ve heard a lot about symptoms, but was surprised at the course of attack on the human system. It’s a fascinating and scary read, but I think it’s important. I know I’ve been on the search for some good information on this, and this article hit a bunch of the questions I had.

Stay well, dear readers, and do all you can in spite of the “invincible dummies” out there… I’m sure we all know at least one.

From, April 17th, 2020: “How Does Coronavirus Kill?: Clinicians trace a ferocious rampage through the body, from brain to toes.”¬†

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