50 Years Ago Today, Apollo 13 Launched. Let’s Celebrate With Some History!

Okay, I’ll put you in the hands of someone who did a fantastic job talking about the history of the Apollo 13 mission… per the film.

Honestly, this guy, Nick Hodges, has a YouTube channel called History Buffs, and it’s a gem on the internet. I can watch all these episodes all day (and probably have on a few occasions). I love it because he gives you the rundown about the event to be talked about, then the movie, and goes into how things were the same or changed for the sake of film or storytelling.

For Apollo 13, I have to say, he definitely goes further with the backstory than in other reviews and comparisons I’ve seen him do. There’s definitely a useful crash-course to start it off for those not familiar with the beginnings of the space program.  I’ve probably seen the film a hundred times and read all I could about the space program thanks to it, and I have to say, this analysis did a great job doing service to the real event and the film itself.

I definitely recommend a watch:

Being I had an extra day off this weekend to clean and be bored in shifts, I’ll have this on while digging out my DVD copy of the film, listening to the soundtrack, and hell, I’ll just get all my NASA related documentaries out and have them going the rest of the weekend.

Sure as hell beats turning on the TV to The Ten Commandments for the umpteenth time over Easter. Not a DeMille fan.

And thanks to physical distancing and being bored enough, I’ll probably put on my inflatable astronaut costume while I play outside with the dogs. The neighbors will probably think I’m nuts, but that’s par for the course at this point. We’re all nuts with this staying-at-home schtick.

Anyhoo, dare to dream of the moon again, weary non-travelers in this crazy time, and marvel in the bad-assness of the great minds of the space age, when smarts were appreciated and not ridiculed or despised.

One of my fave commentaries about the program was in the comments section of this video, which got me thinking of this event the past week (from some guy named “Travis”):

Astronauts could be hurtling into the sun while their ship disintegrates around them and they would still sound like they were talking to mission control about expense report spreadsheets.

They are badasses.

Oh yeah, I totally agree with that.

Though hey, Nick, what’s your beef with Chris Hadfield and “Space Oddity”?…. Okay, part of me totally gets what you were getting at. Damned budget cuts (grumble, grumble)

Anyhoo, still a great vid, and an amazing event, even though it was a “successful failure.” Recommend a watch.

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