Amazing how a grocery chain can enact an emergency plan & have it’s sh** together long before the government even starts to…

I have an H-E-B grocery about a dozen miles from my place. I went there on an errand when this whole mess was shutting things down (in the first waves of the Toilet Paper Wars, too). Things were orderly, and I wrote about it last week, so I won’t rehash the whole weird day.

I’ll wait…

But that’s where I was, and I suppose it doesn’t surprise me. The company was largely on top of things as fast as Mattress Mack (boy I love that guy) and his Gallery Furniture stores when Hurricane Harvey hit our area. The article I found from Texas Monthly about H-E-B and their prep plans and implementation can be found in this article.

I’ll credit Austin Kleon for leading me to it, because it got me thinking that, yeah, even though I couldn’t see all that was going on behind the scenes (obviously), the staff was friendly and they certainly had their shit together. That seems like a helluva feat now, considering how uncertain everything was and how much more confusing things became in the week since.

And they’re still going strong… if lacking toilet paper after a few hours (seriously, why is there still a run on that stuff?)

Glad I read this yesterday. I’m gonna read the article again.

From Texas Monthly, March 26th, 2020, by Dan Solomon & Paula Forbes, “Inside the Story of How H-E-B Planned for the Pandemic.”

Hugs, and be well.

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