Blitz Q #126: If you could nominate a song for Earth’s anthem, what would it be?

After seeing articles and pics of people stuck in quarantine or self-quarantine singing and talking to neighbors through their windows or balconies all around the world, it got me thinking about something.

The reason I love music is, like math, it’s a universal language (well, once you translate the lyrics, I guess). There are those moments that make you shout for joy hearing them or cry or whatever. It’s a way to feel something with a group OR alone, but when people sing together, it’s something awesome, especially when it just happens, totally unplanned.

It’s something in the soul that needs expressing.

Now, I’m not religious, so I’ve left off religious songs on my short list of suggestions for Earth’s anthem ( I only gave myself a few minutes to come up with some ideas or I’d be here all day trying to make a top 10 list).

Anyhoo, I came up with three in the past 15 minutes, and in a VERY loose order of my preference:

#3–We are the World (USA for Africa, 25 for Haiti, or whichever version comes to mind for you). Of course, I’m partial to the original:


#2–It’s a Beautiful Day in This Neighborhood (Fred Rogers). Because being good people and good neighbors is what we should be about, whether next door or the other side of the freaking world. At least, that’s the way I look at it.


#3–Boom De Yada (Discovery Channel, early 2010s). Both short versions in 1 video. I know I keep bringing it up in posts, but heck, it includes most of what makes planet Earth cool anyway. And the Boom De Yada is catchy as hell (hee hee).


What would you pick for an Earth anthem (whether space aliens come down to see us or not)? I’m curious as to the ideas you suggest.

Virtual hugs to all. Floor’s yours…


P.S. from 4/4/20–Had to do a quick edit because the Mr. Rogers vid was suddenly taken down, so I went to replace it.