Questions I’ve had: the “mile & a quarter” — #101 – 125.

Every time I hit the quarter mark, I try to compile the lists in case you’re wondering (like I often do) the weird places my noggin likes to take me. Also, considering this odd virus situation we’re all dealing with in some way, maybe this’ll be a silly little distraction.

So, to make this easy, I’ve linked to the other “quarter mile” stops before this one:

For #001-025

For #026-050

For #051-075

For #076-100

And now, the most recent batch without further ado:

#101 — Blitz Q: What’s the boxy thing in the middle of a laptop power cord for?

#102 — Why does the Christian bible contain the old as well as the new testament?

#103 — Blitz Q: Why don’t delivery drivers near me take the initiative & put packages under cover on a rainy day?

#104 — Why do dogs chase cars?

#105 — Why are there no E-sharp/F-flat or B-sharp/C-flat keys on the piano?

#106 — Blitz Q: Where did the Flying Spaghetti Monster come from?

#107 — Blitz Q: What’s with pre-teen boys & mumbling all the time?

#108 — When & how often do parents usually start the “when are you going to have kids?” discussion?

#109 — Blitz Q: Who the hell was “Layla” (yes, the one from the Derek & The Dominoes song)?

#110 — Why do some businesses indicate “Christian” in their advertising? What’s the point of that?

#111 — Blitz Q: What the heck is it supposed to mean when a Christian says, “it’s not a religion, it’s a relationship.”?

#112 — Adopted Q: What could the top military brass think about the current white house occupant, a.k.a., the person they ultimately take their orders from?

#113 — What’s the deal with the red thing hanging off the turkey’s beak area?

#114 — Did Germany have any aircraft carriers in World War II?

#115 — What is it about a shower that makes you feel “more human”?

#116 — What’s the point of those hammered indents in a Moscow Mule mug?

#117 — How do you find your dreams again, or make new ones?

#118 — What the hell are truffles (& I don’t mean the chocolate kind)?

#119 — What is going through the mind of a person who is arguing with another in public, & then pulls out a gun?

#120 — Why are a lot of Americans squeamish about moms breast-feeding babies in public?

#121 — Where’s the line between multi-level marketing and a pyramid scheme?

#122 — Blitz Q: What the heck is “wire fraud”?

#123 — Why do many Democratic voters (seem to) think that only an “old white guy” can beat D.T.?

#124 — Adopted Q: How does soap work?

#125 — Lies, Damned Lies, & Statistics; or, Coronavirus versus other modern contagions.


Happy reading. Time to clean house and do more research, because the questions never stop coming.


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