Q#123: Why do many Democratic voters (seem to) think that only an “old white guy” can beat D.T.?

Yes, I admit I’m a little bitter about the results. I wanted Warren to come out ahead of everyone. I’ve mentioned it several times online since voting for her before I went to work.

But more than that, I’m waiting for the jokes about Democratic hypocrisy to start: the party that keeps going on about diversity being an asset ended up selecting two old white guys as the top dogs to possibly take on Dump in November.

This is damned old rhetoric.

And what startles me is I felt we were going down a promising path, especially around the midterms, when more women and minorities were getting into government positions. No, the blue wave didn’t quite generate the way it should have, more like a high tide, but I wondered if perhaps we were on the way to making major changes.

I lost count the number of comments regarding Warren, saying that they liked her but didn’t think she could win. So, what happened? They didn’t vote for her.

I’ve admired her for years, long before she started in public office. I remember seeing her in documentaries and on shows talking about economics. I saw her and said “damn, she should be president.” And that was LONG before she actually ran and won her seat in Congress.

warren-4734811_640I would be proud to have her as president.

And yet, we went the route of “old white guy” as a party.

Hell, Warren’s held her own against Dump in the past, and I’m sure she’s got plenty of fight against his criticisms and remarks to spare all the way through November and onward.

Everybody has different policy preferences regarding what they want in leaders, and who they want in office because of them. I get that. If Warren’s ideas and policies didn’t gel with you and you chose someone else because of it, then okay, no biggie. Voting is personal and private and I’ll respect that.

But if someone liked her as a leader, yet chose to vote for someone else because they felt that she couldn’t win… I would very much like to know why.

Honestly, considering the vindictive toddler in the White House today, one digging his own grave with his tongue, purge mentality, and copious amounts of cheeseburgers,,, why do many voters seem to feel that only another old white guy (so to speak) can beat D.T.?

This is THE question I’d love to have answered right now, because even though many voters (in the “off-season”) complain about the status quo, the lack of diverse candidates to vote for, enough of them seem to have up and voted for it yet again.

This just feels like a fear move. And if it is, the Dems will probably get their asses kicked again. And this country can’t afford that.

So again: why do so many voters seem to feel that only one of the “old white guys” can defeat the Dump on election day?

I’d love an answer (or theory) if you have it. I’m too tired and sad to try and come up with my own.

Floor’s yours…


4 thoughts on “Q#123: Why do many Democratic voters (seem to) think that only an “old white guy” can beat D.T.?

  1. Scottie says:

    Hello The Chatty Introvert. I agree with you. I also supported Warren and thought she would make a grand president. I don’t have an answer for your question, but I read the exit interviews which showed a lot of people voted fear. The air waves have been saturated with news that the establishment would do anything to keep a progressive from winning. Even the “mainstream” news kept implying that “some” were too far left and the country was in the mythical center. People said they feared a tRump second term and most did not do the research themselves. Plus I noticed that Warren was asked questions and held to a standard the males in the race did not have to deal with. The question I ask is what now? Does Warren drop out now or wait for the convention? Where would do the most good? Will her supporters go to Bernie as he is the other progressive or to Biden out of fear? Hugs

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  2. bobcabkings says:

    It isn’t just Americans, and not just now. Remember, Elizabeth I refused to marry lest her kingdom become her husband’s property and she no longer truly rule. Catherine The Great had to overthrow her husband (who really was a poor excuse for Czar) to take control of Russia, and also take no new husband or permanent lover. The Romans were appalled when Julius took up with Cleopatra and couldn’t wrap their brains around the very idea of a Queen Regnant. I have heard many people (including Democrats) say that the Presidency is just not a job for a woman. The patriarchal mindset is old and deeply woven into this culture. I think Warren would make a great President, but Trump is seen as so dominant that too many are not willing to take the chance of an unconventional candidate, even though that might just be exactly what is needed.

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  3. iBourgie says:

    My thought is those who are the most vocal about not supporting the status quo are only just vocal and aren’t really practicing what they preach. I remember during the last Democratic primary, people who told me they supported Bernie Sanders said they didn’t vote for him because they felt he couldn’t win. I do think it’s fear and fear is the most crippling. I think the world needs more courage.

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