I might have accidentally done something stupid that could curb my junk cravings (hopefully for good)…

After being sick for three days, eating mostly Ramen soup and drinking my weight in tea (and honey, until my throat felt better), let’s just say I was itching for something a bit more normal to me.

Of course, by “normal” that unfortunately means junk food and sweets more than anything else.

I had to get back to work today, and I had a bunch of errands to run. Traffic and delays in getting supplies meant I did some stupid stuff like go get chicken tenders and fries because I slept in for once and didn’t leave myself time to cook or pack anything.

But fried junk wasn’t enough. I impulsively grabbed a package of something I hadn’t had in a long time: strawberry shortcake rolls. So, while driving to my afternoon shift offsite, I ate the tenders and fries, and rounded it out with the shortcake rolls.

And, oh man… that was the worst.

My tongue seems to want things, and my body is like “hell no”, but after that massive dose of sugar… I was sick to my stomach in moments.

I told myself no more fried crap, get rid of it all because it ends up making you feel awful even while you’re eating it. And the tart-sweetness of those little shortcake rolls were…well…the icing on the cake, so to speak.

Thankfully, I was close to the Starbucks I always go to when I have to be offsite down south and pulled in. I’m sure glad I had the foresight to bring a toothbrush and toothpaste in with me.


Not sure why I picked this picture except for it looks cool with the frog and toothbrush and all. I suppose it is a better image than what would otherwise be going through your head, so there.

I won’t say that being sick led to a miraculous detox of sorts, nothing quite like that (besides, I don’t even wanna speculate how much sodium I’ve ingested the past few days from freaking Ramen). But perhaps the days of being worn down and dehydrated, only to spend them re-hydrating and getting proper rest kick-started something else in me.

All I know is, after that, I was not looking forward to any more sugar, and I’ll do everything in my power to pass up ANY fast-food joint now.

Heck, just remembering that made me feel ill again. At least when I came out, feeling strangely better, I ordered some new hot tea concoction they had to settle my stomach… and it worked pretty well. It had some honey in it, but not too much, and the hot liquid really helped calm me down.

As much as I love my coffee, the trouble is the amount of sugar and creamer I would put in. Coffee creamer isn’t even the worst thing to me–it’s the sugar.

I’ve tried to put other things in, Stevia and the like, but nothing has really worked out to my taste. See, it’s not that I want it sweet, it’s that I like the taste of the SUGAR in my drink. Stevia does not taste like granulated sugar, and therefore is useless to me.

I’ve done my best, though, to limit said sugar intake. I could barely drink a cup of coffee the last three days (obviously, that didn’t work out so much today). That meant very little added sugar to my days.

All that concentrated sugar in those shortcakes, though, must’ve really messed with me and made me go “nope, not again.”

And if so, that’s a good thing and I hope the trend of turning down sugar lasts. I kept seeing the sugary treats in the case, staring at me when I went to the B&N Starbucks on my way home, and I ignored them, opting for a hot coffee with minimal sugar to keep me going on the road.

Sugar is highly addictive, and so is the fat and other crap I’ve been used to eating… at least, it DEFINITELY is for me.

I’m glad I’m over my illness (except the lingering headache and occasionally sore throat), because it means I can get back to cooking the fresh veggies I’ve had in the fridge since last week.

I sure hope this is a great start to going sugar-free. I want to be healthier, and this is one addiction that needs breaking. Just wish it wasn’t so painful to learn.

Ugh, at least I know there’s ONE bit of sugar I’ll NEVER go back to…well, two if I count Peanut Butter Cups. My cavities ache if I ever bite into one!

So now, for a soothing cup of tea…without honey or sugar. That’ll help my stomach a ton.


Can’t decide on Hot Cinnamon Spice or Green Pomegranate. Maybe both? I’ve got the time.

One thought on “I might have accidentally done something stupid that could curb my junk cravings (hopefully for good)…

  1. Rae Reads says:

    I can certainly identify with wanting something so badly, eating it and it making you feel awful. Like you, I know better, even when I’m eating it, but I eat it anyway. And I always suffer the consequences–sometimes for more than a day.

    Liked by 1 person

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