Fighting the Fog, part 2…

I thought I was in the clear. After working in the morning and a short detour to try and relax (it didn’t work because I didn’t have much time, and a lengthy phone call about practically nothing from mom that I still don’t get), I set off for the offsite job. At least the traffic was with me, but I was just numb when I got home. I got the dogs out, and they cheered me up quite nicely. Then I got to sit down and try to catch up on what I’ve missed out on in my e-mails and the news the past week or so.

Then the phone call came. One of my co-workers is contagious and ill, and another affected by the strep throat that’s been flying around the past two weeks. So, again, I have to go into work from open to close today.

I’ve got a niggling headache and am just too numb to care about anything. I am trying to remind myself that this paycheck’s gonna be freaking sweet compared to all my others because of all the shifts I’m working, but I’m just trying to survive the insanity that will be January on the schedule. I have other things I need to do as well, like finally get that missing house paperwork in order, and my vehicle inspection before the end of the month, and kickboxing lessons, and music practice, and cooking actual meals, and cleaning my freaking house.

I’ve managed to carve out time to just clean pet cages and fish tanks on Sunday, but the past three days I haven’t had the time or the forethought to take care of them. Then again, it’s not like I’ve added to the mess because I haven’t been home to eat anything, let alone cook anything.

That’s the worst–I was looking forward to cooking, but when you’re at work from 8 – 8 for several days in a row, that’s just not gonna happen. I could barely stay up longer than an hour and just relax with the dogs.

And right now, I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if I was coming down with something myself. I haven’t had the chance to really decompress, and neither have a few other people in my office. I’m surprised we haven’t all imploded, but unlike me, some of them have already had to take sick days to try and make it better. Not like I actually get sick days as a part timer, just unpaid days at home.

Still, the sour stomach and the headache aren’t very helpful to me right now. That could be remedied with a good breakfast and some coffee… but I’m gonna have to wait on that a while otherwise come lunchtime, I’ll be growling like crazy.

That’s gonna be the one bright spot. Because of labor costs this month, I’ll definitely have to take that lengthy “lunch” period between the morning and evening shifts. I just hope I can get a bunch done offsite for a few hours and wind down… but not fall asleep at the table.

Usually I hate mid-day breaks, because I can’t enjoy them. I spend so much time looking at my watch (or phone) trying to calculate how much longer I have on break, then I end up leaving early if I check often enough.

I’ve started using the alarm function on my phone for that, but I still check a few times because I’m paranoid that I forgot to set the alarm. Usually takes me four checks to get over it. I’ve gotta pay bills right now, but I’m hoping to have enough stuff to do or look at that can lower my annoyance and my headache during break.

I can tell that this is NOT going to be the best day. Glad I brought my coffee maker to work a week ago–at least I can get a fresh cup whenever. Being able to drink it between everything else, however, will be hard. But I’ll consider it a minor victory if I can finish a cup while it’s still hot.

Time to do some meditation… if I can swing it before I have to head off to work. On the other hand, I got my radio with aux cable back and can plug that in to pipe in music and podcasts, because no music when surrounded by customers and ringing telephones will be the worst thing I could experience during a day-long shift.

Podcasts save my sanity a bit at a time these days–and I’ll certainly need ’em today.

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