Fighting the fog…

I was hoping when I got home tonight I’d have some time to cook or clean, or just finish one of the books I’ve been trying to finish for weeks. But now I sit here, an inch away from falling asleep, after working a near 12 hour shift because nobody else could work.

And because big-bad management’s gonna (probably) come in, and a trainer has to come in to properly supervise and approve one of my co-workers, I have to be there to do the basic work until they’re ready to go. And after all that–however freaking long that will take (2 hours? 6 hours?), I gotta head to the north side and help a teacher with a new curriculum and bring the supplies.

If I’m lucky, I can hang out and try to salvage some “me” time at Starbucks for a few hours before I get rolling along to the second job site… but knowing my luck the past week and change, that may not happen.

The fog in my head is spreading fast, and I’m just in a stupor going to work and straight home, work and home for days on end.

If I thought I had no life outside of work before, then I was wrong–THIS is no life outside of work. I’m so sleepy that I can’t play my guitar or piano, or finish the dishes without cuddling with the dogs. The dogs have definitely been deprived of my companionship and all, and I can tell when I get home.

I miss days off. And I miss not being lethargic and ready to sleep at the drop of a hat (though actually getting sleep is more problematic and takes a long time.

I have to fight the fog creeping over my head, because that way lies severe depression, loss of or extreme gains in appetite, and a complete lack of exercise. I have to improve, and exercise a bit each day–but how does that go when you get home and within a few minutes of sitting and relaxing on the couch, you’re itching to fall asleep?

I’ve gotta think of something tomorrow, because this is the worst feeling of all. Again, I’m sleepy as hell and can’t wait for partial days off again. At this point, each minute doing what I want is worth more than gold.

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