The Sugar Habit: How it starts, what keeps it going, & how to break it naturally, by Christine Adams, M.D.

My Copy: 9781496199836 (image from

To save time and headaches, there’s nothing I can’t say that I didn’t already say in my Goodreads review, so I just pasted it here:

Just so you know, the book’s written by someone who puts M.D. after her name (it’s on the cover, too).

The first half of the book I figured was helpful, basically a break down of what sugar is, how it interacts with our bodies, the different types of sugar and how they came about, and of course what helped lead to sugar addiction. I was pleased with the amount of information in there because now when I see some chemical terms I’m not very familiar with or the ones I keep mixing up (like sucrose, fructose, dextrose…ugh), I’ll have a handy guide to help me figure out what questions to ask my doctor or dietitian.

That said, that’s the first half. The second half starts going into over the counter remedies like supplements (which wasn’t so bad, nice to know what they supposedly do for whatever the issue is). Then I knew I would have a hard time following when the chapter title had the word “homeopathy” in it (and she defends the guy who basically started homeopathy big time).

So there’s some small chapters on homeopathy, aromatherapy, flower treatments of some type… yeah, you guessed it. After seeing these, I rushed through the rest because it wasn’t what I needed. I’ve read up and talked to plenty of people about homeopathic treatments in the past. Some things can make you feel better (a placebo effect), but other things I’d be super wary of, even if I could find them.

Easy to say, the whole book is not my cup of tea.

Anyway, I’m not trying to start an argument on homeopathy, but I would recommend the first half of this book if you wanna know more about sugar and chemistry and why our bodies react as they do to sugar, refined and otherwise. The other half you can leave.


ADDENDUM: As far as homeopathy goes, anyway, you can enjoy James Randi and what he had to say about homeopathy for a TED Talk (BONUS!):

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