A Pathetically Boring Thanksgiving That’ll Give Way to a Great Weekend…

I wasn’t alone, not really. Had my finned, feathered, and pawed family around me all day, and the weather was nice enough (temperature-wise) that we spent a good chunk of time outside.

I didn’t get any turkey today. Didn’t care about whether I got any or not, either. Started with pumpkin pie and whipped cream for breakfast (not good, I know) and then I went out to put my grill together.

I bought one yesterday because I’d been thinking of great ways to get my iron-rich food in (like red meats and other things) that would make me more interested in cooking them. It hit me earlier in the week: why not grill?

I’ve never grilled before, not on a pit. I’ve used the George Foreman grill just about everybody got at one time or another, but I don’t feel like that’s really grilling. No, there’s gotta be flame and charcoal involved. Otherwise it’s cooked meat with lines on it.

I don’t consider that grilled. Not really.

And what really sold me was that there were plenty of ways to cook veggies on the grill. I spent some time copying good recipes I’d saved eons ago into my new recipe binder and want to give them a shot. Because of the change in weather (and my dogs, and this damned anemia making me tired), I didn’t grill today. I had a soy burger with broccoli and cheese on the side instead. But I have some pork chops and other things to try my hand at grilling Saturday or Sunday.

I’ve got a few books (naturally, being me) on grilling, and I’ve been watching videos online about how to set up a pit properly. I can’t wait to get started, but it’s a good thing I waited so if I make any mistakes, I have time to fix them or learn from them as the weather improves.

My main concern, though, was my heeler. She was running around after a frisbee and then started limping on her way back to me. That limp has only gotten worse throughout the day, which is why I’m still up because I’m worried she’s hurting. She slipped the last time she went down the steps to go to the bathroom outside, and I had to carry her up the steps onto the flat deck twice today. I’m hoping some massaging of the area (or a night of rest) will help her out, otherwise, I hope the vet’s open in the morning.

Yeah, today was almost like any other day, but more boring in most respects. On the other hand, the quiet made me think of some things that needed doing, and I eventually got to relax for the first time in a while and just watch silly crap on YouTube and chill. Dunno the last time I did that.

Anyhoo, the weekend will be interesting, that’s for sure.

One thought on “A Pathetically Boring Thanksgiving That’ll Give Way to a Great Weekend…

  1. Rae Reads says:

    We had a quiet day as well. I played with my new (hand-me-down) laptop and my newly acquired I Tunes availability. Who knew Simon and Garfunkel and The Beatles were still around other than on vinyl?
    We went to Joe’s BBQ for turkey and all the trimmings, meeting an old (actually young but now at Sam Houston) ACC student of mine. He was good company, and we had lots of laughs and heard some good poems he had written. His girlfriend had gone to the Valley with her family.
    I didn’t get a lot accomplished, but, after all, it WAS a holiday.
    Today I ate and cooked and had my dryer looked at (the end result we need a new dryer) by a very interesting repairman. He stayed a couple of hours visiting with us and drinking coffee. Tonight it’s back to catching up on emails, blogging, and reading for my new “middle school project.”

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