#110– Why do some businesses indicate “Christian” in their advertising? What’s the point of that?

This one I’ve wondered about a while, but it really hit me when I was driving to my music lesson yesterday morning. I saw a couple of billboards on my hour-drive out that featured some services.

One was a roofing company that didn’t specifically say “Christian,” but the name referenced Old Testament ritual (not going to name them) and said “faith” on the billboard.

The other was for some attorneys. I’d seen these guys on TV also, and right before the phone number in the commercial (and on the billboard) they say “Christian Trial Lawyers.”

I’m noticing this more and more, perhaps because I’m questioning this more and more. But at the same time, it just kinda hit me: why bring up “Christian” in their advertising?

I mean, when I look at a service, I don’t wonder about their religious beliefs (unless they’re a church or counselor or something). I want to know if they do good work. Does it mean a little extra insurance if there’s a “Christian” label slapped onto the company?

I want to know what they’re thinking when they do that. What message is it they think they’re sending to potential customers? I really wanna know that.

Does that mean the roofing company will pray extra hard that the roof won’t fall in and there won’t be any problems, or will they just do the job right and nobody has to worry?

A church roof? That’d be a hefty dose of irony right there…

Will the lawyers put the fear of God into the jury or judge? Will they quote scripture with relish as they make their arguments, and come off like the hero lawyer in one of the thousand courtroom dramas out there? Will they hold the client’s hands and pray with them that they’ll win their case?

Honestly, I really wonder how such a sign would work if it said “Muslim Trial Lawyers” or “Muslim roofers.” Hmm…

Is it supposed to tell possible future employees that they can pray over their lunches in the break room without a weird look, or they start the day with a prayer, or close up shop each Sunday, or… hell, there’re too many things to say.

Seriously, what’s the point in these companies advertising that they’re “Christian” companies when it’s totally unnecessary? Sometimes, like the commercials, it’s just slapped on at the end.

Why? Why bother saying that? Why do it?

I just don’t get what message it’s supposed to send, other than “hey, you’re welcome here” to those who might be totally prejudiced against non-believers or the “not-devout Christian.”

Anybody got any ideas, because this one just makes me scratch my head. A lot.

Floor’s yours…

9 thoughts on “#110– Why do some businesses indicate “Christian” in their advertising? What’s the point of that?

  1. bobcabkings says:

    Another form of it I’ve long noticed is including that fish symbol on advertising. When it is a lawyer, I think they are saying they will take cases to argue for some religious position. It can also mean they don’t much want non-Christian (or, more likely, non-evangelical Christian) clients.

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  2. Suze says:

    I asked a lawyer friend of mine why he posts”Christian” on his business cards and in his advertising. He said “it sucks in more clients of “faith”, ya know those guys who keep breakin the law then bleat about they can not be charged or found guilty of stuff cause they believe”…I told him I thought it was cynical of him to do so..and it was kind of false advertising. he said “Hey, I like that fish symbol. I didn’t say anywhere I was a Christian, that’s on them”.

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  3. Ally Bean says:

    I don’t get it either. Not long ago a neighbor recommended a local jeweler to me as being a good Christian jeweler. I wondered how this man’s religious affiliation influenced his ability to craft jewelry, but I didn’t ask her. Missed opportunity for an insight I suppose.

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    • TheChattyIntrovert says:

      It’s like this weird “name dropping” thing, that’s what I’ve noticed. It doesn’t feel right, and almost feels forced, like they’re thinking “oh, I’d better mention they’re Christian” though nobody I know would give a hoot. I’d have to ask how you know they’re a good Christian [insert job title]. It also makes me wonder if they did a crappy job, would they rationalize it by going “well, I gave a good Christian some business today”? Hmm…

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