Been one of those brain-dead weeks, working too hard on some things & not enough for others.

I find it weird how some weeks happen to work out. This one’s been all over the place. I’ve been coming home falt-out tired and not wanting to read (gasp) or anything much. I guess it’s the stress catching up with me and making me just wanna go straight to sleep when I get home.

Some nights have gone well and I’ve managed to go out to the gym and work out. Music practice has suffered the past two weeks because I’ve started a new project that’s taking up a lot of my time. As things even out, I’ll be able to dedicate more time to piano especially.

Otherwise, it’s a good thing that some of my goals are being reached, but also a bit disappointing because others are getting left by the wayside. I don’t mean to do that, but that’s the curse when you’re giving yourself a lot to accomplish, things that must be done and can’t be put off any longer.

I’m just amazed that my reading goal has gone so far away from possible that it’s in another galaxy. I just can’t bring myself to read very much right now (at least, not real books). I get a little ways in and I’m just so absorbed in doing other stuff. I need to get back to reading more, because I was far happier when I could get some more learning in me each day.

Speaking of learning, I’m gonna try to finish a book chapter before my eyes close for good and I pass out sitting up on the couch. Guess the exercise is helping me rest better, but now’s not the best time. I have a full day tomorrow (got workers coming to fix a few leaks) and will need to get up early and clean.

Still, it’s time to figure out a way to get better, deeper sleep for one, and to keep to my goals, even if I do only a few minutes at time. And I definitely need to read more. I just feel mentally sluggish if I don’t get the chance to read.

Guess this is a part of that. Hmm…

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