From Brain Pickings: “The Great Czech Playwright Turned Dissident Turned President Václav Havel on Hope”

I think I read this article four times today and just kept thinking about it, and about this man and the interesting life he led even though imprisonment and a regime that couldn’t allow for change… until he did it himself.

At least, I haven’t read the book he published yet (sigh–another book to put on the shelf, somewhere).

I guess what struck me about reading this article is that there doesn’t seem to be any allowance for dissent in this country, and hope is lacking for a lot of people. Tribalism, narrow-vision, and the myriad of atrocities being perpetuated every day have made me rather numb.

I guess that’s what some people in power wouldn’t mind. Yeah, have us all numbed out so they can do whatever the hell they want to. What kind of change is coming? When? and Who benefits from it?

Questions I’m too tired to try and find answers to now.

But wow–Vaclav sounds like a helluva interesting guy.

And his book a much needed resource to work with in these crazy times.

Anyhoo, without further ado, this is the link to the BrainPickings article that got my brain shifting gears all day long.

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