#103 Blitz Q: Why don’t delivery drivers near me take the initiative & put packages under cover on a rainy day?

No doubt this is a slight rant. I don’t know who was delivering my packages–some of it was sheet music, the rest accessories for my instruments. Different companies, and yet it all showed on the same day.

What was so stupid is it sprinkled this morning when I took the dogs out, and I had to be out all day long. Granted, maybe the delivery person or postal employee thought I was home because there’s a vehicle in the drive and the windows are open a bit (for the dogs–otherwise they’d probably yank the blinds down while trying to look outside).

However, if you know it already rained and the front porch is wet, and more rain is expected, why the hell would you put packages down on a wet front porch when there’s a good covered side porch about 40 feet further?

I thought my mailbox had a marker-notice in it that said where to put packages. Perhaps it wore off. I just don’t get why they wouldn’t take the initiative. Sometimes they will wrap the box in a plastic garbage bag. Thin, but helpful. I was more surprised that I had some soggy envelopes (one a bank statement) sitting on top of the boxes.

Must’ve been my local mail delivery then, because UPS and FedEx wouldn’t have that mail to do that. But that’s really stupid, too, because what if the wind had picked up? I could’ve had bills flying around my yard.

So much for privacy.


I rushed ’em into the house (I’d been gone for 13 hours today) and started to open the packages. Most were okay, but the one flat-shipping envelope with some of my sheet music in it was the one all the others were sitting on. I had a large, soggy, padded cardboard packaging envelope that was not waterproof and absorbed quite a bit of water, from below and above.

Grr…now I’ve got three books that need to be aired out under a fan all night and day tomorrow and hopefully the pages won’t be all warped or stuck together.

I’d been waiting for these books for weeks.

Ugh. I just had to rant. I thought it was so stupid, even though I’m not sure I have specific instructions written to put something under the covered porch.

Still, if nobody answers the doorbell, why would you leave the package where it can get rained on? Better off putting it under cover.



According to my neighbor, we had four little rain-showers today.

Why the hell would they risk a complaint?

I can’t get over how dumb that was. I’m gonna find the right type of marker and write really damned big in my mailbox “packages go to covered side porch, please.”

Or something like that. I’m too irritated to think of anything else.

Glad my electric bill wasn’t in that sog–I’d be really pissed off.

Anybody have this happen to them, dumb delivery decisions that did or could potentially ruin an item you bought?

Floor’s yours…

3 thoughts on “#103 Blitz Q: Why don’t delivery drivers near me take the initiative & put packages under cover on a rainy day?

  1. bobcabkings says:

    Here, they put things on the porch, which is fairly well sheltered (unless there’s a very windy rain), and when the weather is really bad UPS often has things in plastic bags. I think that is partly because so many of the homes here are second homes and there’s no guarantee anybody will be home soon.

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  2. Rae Reads says:

    This is typical of the USPS. Our mailman got out of his truck and left a note in our mailbox stating that he couldn’t deliver our mail that day because a visitor’s car was parked across the mailbox. Did he put the mail in the box when he put the note in? NO. We had to wait until the next day to get our mail, but we got the note in the empty mailbox that day! He’s a “little odd” anyway.

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