I couldn’t resist having a little fun July 20th. How could I not, being an astro-nut…

This has been a tiring, fun, LONG weekend. I thought this idea up a couple months ago when I realized July 20th was going to be on a Saturday. It was too perfect, and the co-worker I brought it up to was really into it. However, she couldn’t make it to work to see me (and take pictures) because of a car accident and she had to stay home and recuperate.

That stinks (she’s got the best laugh and I couldn’t wait to see the look on her face), so I got a nice barista at Starbucks to help me out with a picture to send her…

Even better, most of the kiddos I tutored thought it was fun. Made a hot study day a little easier to get through.

Well, had to stop off to fuel up for a crazy day of tutoring (and entertaining) with awesome Earth coffee… in my retro-design Apollo-Houston coffee cup (my favorite one).


Happy 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing (and a mighty raspberry to all the moon-landing hoaxers out there).

Also, this is one of the best “last page”s of Smithsonian Magazine that I’ve ever read. I’ve made copies to give to teachers before when I helped out at NASA way back when, and finally found the link.

You bump into a person who believes the “documentaries” about moon-landing hoaxes, read this and mention the last bit when nothing else works:


Hope it was a great weekend (and over the moon)!

(take that, hoaxers)Ask the A2K cooks! - Page 87

2 thoughts on “I couldn’t resist having a little fun July 20th. How could I not, being an astro-nut…

  1. Rae Reads says:

    really cool post. My parents were in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia shortly after the moon landing, and the “old timers” up on the Blue Ridge Parkway at a little cafe had a “meeting” to inform everyone that it was all a hoax (and to tell them “how to vote next time). My folks were shocked that these insular people were skeptical just because their neighbors told them it was impossible, it couldn’t be done, it was all a hoax. Here in Houston, we couldn’t believe our ears when they returned from camping, called to tell us they were safely home, and reported on the “hoax phenomena.”

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    • TheChattyIntrovert says:

      I gotta admit, when I see that short video of a hoaxer yelling at Buzz Aldrin and demanding he tell the truth about the moon landings at a hotel, I’m smiling when I see Buzz punch him in the face. I hate how intelligence and learning are suddenly “elitist” while stupid and conspiracy theories and viral fables rule over facts. It’s stuff like this that makes people from other countries shake their heads at us or laugh. Probably both at the same time these days (ugh).

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