The Inquisitive “mile”: re-tackling questions #076-100 (& more below)

Well, it took two and three-fourths years, but I definitely hit the 100 questions which were one of the main reasons I started this blog (general stuff and book reviews were the others).

Of course, I have a couple thousand more rattling around in the noggin, so don’t be surprised as the numbers just keep on going.

I sometimes lose track of things I’d thought of before (and interesting viewpoints or observations others came up with), so I like to re-hash other lists when I get the chance, too:

For #001-025

For #026-050

For #051-075

And, without further ado:

#076 –Blitz Q: How much more trolling and fake news would it take for the social media violence going on in India to happen in the U.S. (or is it already starting)?

#077 –Adopted Q: Is it the American Dream or American Myth?–American society would collapse if it weren’t for these 8 myths, by Lee Camp

#078 –Blitz Q: Did the Japanese have & use tanks in WW2?

#079 –What’s the big deal about the film Apocalypse Now (1979)?

#080 –Blitz Q: Why are the not-chocolate Tootsie Rolls NOT available widely year-round?!

#081 –Why do posted hurricane evacuation routes in Houston mostly divert people eastward?

#082 –Blitz Q: Border walls and maracas, or, What. The. Actual. Hell. Is. Wrong. With. These. Teachers???!!!

#083 –Blitz Q: Does anybody make green bean casserole when it’s not Thanksgiving or Christmas?

#084 –Blitz Q: What the heck are sugar plums anyway?

#085 –What makes Fargo such a good movie?

#086 –Do Jews interpret the creation as told in Genesis literally?

#087 –What the heck are Christian apologists?

#088 –Bibliophile baffled by billions of bibles on B&N bookshelves to buy; or, why are there so many types of Christian bibles to choose from?

#089 –When does self-reflection become a self-defeating cycle?

#090 –When can/should you go from healing a relationship to cutting and running?

#091 –Was there a better, less costly way to do the Normandy invasion in WWII?

#092 –What is it that allows some people to dismiss modern facts in favor of the Bible without question?

#093 –Why the hell is Disney making great animated films from the 1990s into live action films now?

#094 –Blitz Q: I’ve never seen Game of Thrones. Would you recommend the books, TV series, or both?

#095 –Why do some religious folks call evolution a “religion”?

#096 –Blitz Q: Which one is the better version of Cosmos: Carl Sagan’s or Neil deGrasse Tyson’s?

#097 –How come dogs don’t get grass stains on their fur?

#098 –Do these anti-gay preachers ever get tired of hating?

#099 –Why do 1970s American cartoons look so murky?

#100 –Is it a good idea to learn two instruments at the same time?

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