#100–Is it a good idea to learn two instruments at the same time?

This one seems to have a resounding “yes” when you Google it. Of course, which instruments, exactly, seems to be the point where it’s a bit muddier.

I already signed up for guitar lessons, starting this Sunday. But right now part of me can’t help but wonder if maybe I should do piano lessons, too. I’m so eager to learn, but at the same time, maybe I should take a step back.

After all, an hour a week is gonna cost me near as much as my car note each month. Two lessons, two hours? Yeah, that’s something to consider…seriously consider.

On the other hand, I know I really want to make practice a routine and do my very best. I just haven’t started because I am such a novice I don’t have proper positioning and such as far as fingers, wrists, etc. go.

Plenty of musicians and music teachers think piano and guitar aren’t a bad combo if you’re going to learn some new instruments at the same time. I like the idea because if my fingers hurt too much to do guitar (re-growing calluses is going to be fun), then I can push a bit more on piano for a while.

I like the idea of piano, too, because it helps with finger dexterity. I want to help train my ear, and those are probably the best two instruments to do that. I can get used to playing piano and tune my guitar easier. I also am trying to get back into reading music (I’m VERY out of practice) and thereby get a better grasp of music theory.


This isn’t some whim (well, okay, no more than usual), but the start of something I hope would be awesome. I really want to make my own art again, to be creative and make music. Learning these two instruments (and paying for those lessons) would help me a ton.

I could probably compromise a bit and do just half an hour for each, but maybe that could happen in a few months. I have so little experience with these instruments (amazingly, more familiarity with the guitar, only because I tried to play about 20 years ago and just fiddled around with keyboards when I was bored). I’d probably spend the first hour with each making sure my hand placement and posture were right.

Yes, I’m THAT much a novice. I can only learn so much watching videos and reading posts. It’s like me trying to study posture through exercise videos. You can see the curvature of their spines and understand what posture looks like on the skinny instructors–harder to do when you have a tire around your middle with little indentations like me.

You can’t tell what it’s supposed to feel like, or if you’re doing it right.

I want to make sure I don’t accidentally develop a ton of bad habits.

But it’s definitely a thought. Choices, choices…and looking at my expense account to see if I can swing it…at least for a few months before backing down to a half-hour each or something.

Anybody in the ether try to learn more than one musical instrument at the same time? Any tips you can provide, lessons learned, or stories you’d want to share about your own musical journey?

Floor’s yours… I can’t wait to learn properly for once.

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