This is the most sensible thing I’ve heard about “good guys with guns” yet…

I don’t have an account to save YouTube vids I love or appreciate (gmail screws me every time and all the apps kill my computer), but Scottie’s Toy Box occasionally snaps up videos by this gentleman.

He’s named Beau of the Fifth Column, and I gotta say, I’m gonna make a point to look him up more often. He’s actually a calm speaker, not someone screaming at the camera like I tend to see when they talk about something controversial.

Nope, this guy is worth listening to, even if you may not agree with where he’s going with something, if only because he’s saying it rationally and you can look things up and draw conclusions later.

Anyhoo, click on the link to this particular video, about 10 days old as of this post:  Let’s talk about my friend who was at the shooting today…

Hugs to all.

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