Personal Promises, Making Changes, and Murphy’s Law, PART 2.

Welp, not gonna turn out the way I thought. What I figured might be a bad twisted ankle that just needed icing and resting the rest of the night kept me awake every time I moved it.

So I sucked it up and went to a local E.R.–bad sprain. When I described what happened to the doc, she said if I’d gone a little further in bending it, I could very well have broken my ankle. As far as we can tell, with the x-rays and swelling and all, it’s just a REALLY bad sprain. I’ve had to get used to a partially mowed-front yard and a moon boot to (barely) walk around on.

Because of the boot’s uneven step design, like a boat or something with the rolling, I had to remember marching band and “rolling” the foot heel to toe to keep it straight and steady.

I just have to do that at least a week, much more often than I usually do. That’s what marching band taught me–how to walk in such a way that I never spill my coffee. Haven’t splashed on myself or lost a drop in years thanks to that silly walk.

Still, being confined for the most part sucks–even though it was hotter than hell for most of the day, I was itching to go outside and get things done. But having to sit on the couch, icing and elevating the ankle, also gave me time to think about a few things. Namely that my master plan for myself could use some realistic revision.

I had to miss work this afternoon because of this ankle. As far as tomorrow goes, I only really have to go to work to help this one kiddo in the afternoon, but may have to go in early if we have practice tests to help out with, too. Well, the ones I last heard of cancelled, so I might not have to go in early.

If that’s the case, then the opportunity to get to the music store in the morning has just fallen into my lap. Time to bag up my acoustic guitar to meet some teachers tomorrow, if all goes well.

I figured that would be a great idea. After all, I’m probably going to be wearing this funky boot for about a week (and helping it out with a polka-dot cane I picked up while I was out–I need something to help me with balance and getting the dogs’ attention when I need them to come in). Yardwork is kinda anathema, but planning on music lessons, and actually working on some tips and tricks for guitar?

I think we can say that an opportunity knocked, even if my ankle hurts like hell.

At least they gave me some good ibuprofen to take the edge off a few times a day. And I’m getting better at moving around on the boot and out of it. I try not to too much, though, for obvious reasons. When my foot is dangling as I shift position, it’s got a sharp feeling that’s similar to when we had “growing pains” in our legs and feet growing up. Just amplified.

I try not to let that happen too often, but as I shift my weight to get to a new seat or the bathroom or whatever, that’s just going to happen

So, I’m going to re-check my RSVP (I had to miss tonight’s little get-together because I had to catch up on a nap and stay home for the foot). I want to know how much time I have to play with in the morning and check on when I absolutely have to be at work. I’m gonna be rockin’ this moon boot and cane, and the look will probably crack the kids up a bit.

I still wish I didn’t have 1/3 of the trouble spot in the lawn left to work on, but if it rains, or doesn’t, it won’t matter much because the fresh cut grass isn’t growing super fast like the rest of the yard does.

It’s gonna be interesting getting back to normal out there… but more interesting to see what’ll happen with my musical plans this summer.professor-435106_1280

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