#098– Do These Anti-Gay Preachers Ever Get Tired of Hating?

I’ve had the “Make America Straight Again” conference notes stuck in my head after seeing some video snippets from day 1 (The Friendly Atheist has the “lowlights”–shudder).

This is something that’s really bugged me. When I see preachers practically frothing at the mouth about sinners, the gays, feminists, abortion, etc…I have to wonder something.

In fact, I’ve wondered it for the past several years.

Do these guys ever get tired of hating people?

The sheer amount of time and the depth of anger and shouting that tends to occur most of the time from the pulpit makes me wonder. I’ve wondered for years, when hearing preacher after preacher (or pastor, father, etc.) rail against homosexuality, pedophilia, bestiality and other things that I’m sure a great deal of people would never have thought about.

I guess I just can’t understand any of it, not really.

I mean, I keep hearing on the one hand how Jesus will take care of things and if somebody’s doing wrong, it’s up to Jesus to judge them.

On the other hand, there are pastors who say that all gays should be executed because otherwise they’ll rape your kids.

It’s that knee-jerk, unthinking, unfeeling judgment that chills me each time.

And the fervor that’s whipped up with all this hate…it makes me shudder. Religious leaders, even in small churches, hold immense sway. They hold enough of one to prevent a lot of people from speaking up or coming out or helping the “undesirables” according to the preacher.

This hate hurts me to listen to and to watch. reading it was bad enough and made me want to cry.

I doubt there’s a real answer to this question, but it’s been bugging me for so long, I have to ask it.

Do these guys ever get tired of hating their fellow human beings?

Floor’s yours… because I’m stuck and just filled with shame that I’ve taken too long to question my upbringing and beliefs. How these guys haven’t tired of hate just baffles me.


6 thoughts on “#098– Do These Anti-Gay Preachers Ever Get Tired of Hating?

  1. bobcabkings says:

    No, they don’t. It is their stock in trade. Considering how many of them have been caught doing exactly what they rage against, self-hate and denial has a lot to do with it, or at least their fear of their own attractions. As with racism, the rallying cry is always about protecting the women and children.

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    • TheChattyIntrovert says:

      Yeah, church numbers are dropping and some are being rabid about it, acting as if they’re animals backed into a corner. I fear it’s gonna get far worse before it gets more mellow, because this is a 2000 year old game they don’t want to lose. They’re gripping so tightly they’re becoming the very thing most of them claim to hate: adherents to sharia law, a christian version, but not much different .

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