#096 Blitz Q–Which One Is the Better Version of Cosmos: Carl Sagan’s or Neil deGrasse Tyson’s?

As much of a documentary nut as I am, I have to admit I’ve never seen a second of Cosmos–either version. I’ve heard about it occasionally over the decades and then of course came the newer version.

Part of me would lean toward Tyson’s because I’d bet that there’s extra science in there not known in Sagan’s time, and that would be beneficial. However, since so many science buffs still fanboy (or fangirl) over Sagan, and I’ve never seen either one, I can’t make that distinction.

Anybody watched Sagan’s, Tyson’s, or both? What were your thoughts about them series, and was it/were they as good as their reputations suggest?

I’m tempted to buy one of ’em, I’m just wondering which I should go with so I can binge watch the awesomeness of the universe (yes, documentaries and lectures are my binge-material rather than fictional TV–go figure).

Floor’s yours… I’m a very curious person.

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