#094 Blitz Q: I’ve never seen Game of Thrones. Would you recommend the books, TV Series, or Both?

I am one of the dozen people with HBO that hasn’t seen a SINGLE episode of Game of Thrones.

And yet, that’s all everybody’s talking about.

Never saw an episode, though I saw the Honest Trailer for the series (lotsa mentions of boobies, dragons, and swords, but that’s it).

I’m a big believer in reading the source material before I dip my eyes in the filmic version. However, I’ve seen some mixed reviews as far as the books. Some people think it’s an absolute must-read, others think it’s drawn out and overly-descriptive and they wouldn’t wish it on an enemy.

Whether these same reviewers have seen the series, however, I couldn’t say.

Since this is all the internet seems to be talking about (when it’s NOT talking about the MCU–at least it’s a slight reprieve to my eyes and ears), I figured I’d ask what’s so great about it from the fans.

I don’t have the books yet because I just BARELY made room for all the ones I just bought, and because nobody I know personally has read a single book, but they all seem to know the series. I can’t get a bead on what people like (other than HBO level violence and nudity–I’m starting to think those things are built into a show’s contract).

So, lovers and/or haters of the series (especially the books), would you recommend I give the series a read? And if you’ve read the books and seen the show, what did you like best and why (no spoilers, please)?

I just can’t get this question out of my head. Floor’s yours….

2 thoughts on “#094 Blitz Q: I’ve never seen Game of Thrones. Would you recommend the books, TV Series, or Both?

  1. bobcabkings says:

    I haven’t seen the series or read the books (just not doing TV at all), but I would be more inclined to read the books and then, maybe, think about watching the show if my local library were to get the eventual boxed set on DVD.


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