The Complete Compost Gardening Guide, by Barbara Pleasant & Deborah L. Martin

My Copy: 9781580177023 (image from

Being a newbie to composting–as in I bought a turnable drum composter and know enough not to throw cheeseburgers into the thing–I’m not sure how “complete” this book is.

But it sure feels like it.

The Complete Compost Gardening Guide has far more information about composting than I ever would’ve imagined. I figured it would give me some basics, such as what materials to put in the compost, when and where, and how to handle different types of composts, whether in a stack or in a drum.

Well, that just scratches the surface. If you’re looking for a good way to reduce, reuse, recycle around the house and make a great garden (flowers, fruits, veggies, etc), then this is a resource that I believe should be on the shelf in easy reach.

What all I’ve learned would take too long to describe. I like how things are laid out, however: plenty of sidebars and shaded boxes, a good index, illustrations, charts to check material amounts. As far as materials to compost, the book gives a good breakdown into the amount of time needed and why, like lawn clippings and dead leaves and all.

If you’re serious about composting, or want to get a good grasp on it before committing, then The Complete Compost Gardening Guide is worth a look. I’ll be referring back to this one often, because there’s so much to learn and as time goes on and I get better at this gardening thing, maybe I can incorporate newer methods into my gardening and composting.

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