Bipolar 1 Disorder: How to Survive and Thrive, by Molly McHugh

My Copy: 9780692504512 (image from

This book is an interesting mix of information, largely good, but I just had difficulty with some of the presentation. It’s part autobiography, part informative. You certainly get a good grasp of what the author went through in good and bad times, especially as being bipolar wasn’t well known at the time.

I think Bipolar 1 Disorder is useful, yet the presentation could use a facelift in some small ways. There’s a little topic jumping at a few points, and you realize she’s taking a trip down memory lane…but it does work to give you an idea how the mental processes change as a result of this condition.

Regarding the articles and studies the author mentions, I wish the formatting was different. There are moments when the author’s got a study that relates to what she’s talking about, but you almost don’t realize it til the citation pops up in the end. A shade box or something would’ve made less of a guessing game between what was her words and the article’s words, but at least it was good info.

All in all, worth a look if you know somebody who may be Bipolar (there are differences in grades, so to speak), but need to get a grasp of that person’s downward turns and what they’re going through (or could be).

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