The year began pretty blah, but it’s getting somewhere…

at least, there’s a direction I’m going in. Between trying to clean this place and getting fed up with the rain, I’ve been trying to install shelves in my office. Yesterday I FINALLY finished them…and have to remind myself that I’d better not buy any more books for a while.

One room (almost) down. The next step is my music room.

But I can’t finish until I get the rest of my furniture in from storage and some very nice strong people to get it in the house for me.

I picked a date at last, credit cards be damned.

And I’m going to work hard at keeping traffic zones clear for the movers to get things in.

This is why I haven’t posted in a while. I had to move my desk and get things sorted. Some things are in the middle of the room still (and some boxes I haven’t broken down yet are in the corner, waiting for me to do something with them). I don’t have all my organizational materials and shelves to put in the closet, and my file cabinets aren’t here yet, so a lot of that stuff is sitting in my red arm chair and ottoman, waiting to go somewhere else.

Either way, there’s a reason I planned on being a book blogger.

I didn’t know there was such a thing as having too many books. These are all of them, minus music/song books, cookbooks, and drawing/art books in their respective places:


Got one of those farm-door cabinets in the corner for my office supplies. Has more room than I thought–score! I had so much fun putting those puzzles together and gluing them to make pictures for my wall last month, too.


Had to make room for the file cabinets when they come, otherwise this whole thing would’ve been a lot easier!


I’ve always wanted floor-to ceiling bookshelves of a sort…just didn’t realize I’d actually have to lay a few shelf boards on the floor to fit them all!

I was so glad to finally get all these books on the shelves, and no wonder. I’d been tripping on boxes the past few weeks, and now I can walk around without towers of book boxes around every corner. The place looks so much bigger without 50 boxes of books in the way.

It took a week to get the tracks and brackets on the wall, and a few more days to organize the books.

You’ve probably noticed little white library labels on them all…and yes, they’re on all of them.

It was a boring summer with no job when I started doing that, and I kept it up ever since. Sure makes finding what I need really freaking easy, that’s for sure.

I think I was a librarian in a past life. Can’t think of another reason.

I blame seven weeks of cabin fever in my garage for my book-buying binge (the hours of cataloging and labeling sure gave me something to do).

And to think I said a few years ago that when I got past 1000 books, I’d stop buying til I sold or donated some to make room. Well, I went to 1200 before I let that kick in…but it didn’t last long.

I checked. I now have 1,568 books (1,535 on the shelves).

I might only have room for 20 more books at the most…but now that I’m organized, I’d rather get back to reading what I want.

First step: clear things out of the way for the movers.

Second: finish Shakespeare and get back to what I want to pursue this year.

A life of learning, books, music and art. And fitness.

Can’t forget that.

So after I set up the drum kit, it’s back out into the shed/gym to finish the floor before the movers drop heavy equipment onto it.

Got two weeks and change.

Time to get back to work.

But first, I’m gonna enjoy this right, with a cup of tea and a good play.

One thought on “The year began pretty blah, but it’s getting somewhere…

  1. Rae Longest says:

    You have certainly earned that cuppa’. Because I was so done with 2018, the day after New Year’s Day, I started moving, changing and redecorating every room in my house. I got rid of old things I was tired of and for two days now, I have indulged in “retail therapy” going to Hidden Treasures, Hobby Lobby, Goodwill and a small home decor-second hand “boutique.” Now ALL I have to do on tomorrow’s cold, rainy day is arrange and organize it all. My shelves are from desktop level (built in desk) to ceiling in study all along one wall, then a wrap around shelf is for “my” books in the study/office closet. It’s nice to have the TBR’s out of sight. I am so happy that you sound so happy!

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