Life speeds up and slows to a crawl in shifts this week…

I’m at that eerie point where things went crazy fast in the grand scheme of things and the little things are barely budging. I’m at the point where when I stop moving, I’m on the verge of falling asleep. I yawn my head off at work these days, though part of me blames the early dismissal of the sun these days and the return of cold and rain.

My yawning is truly contagious at work, and gets me plenty of annoyed looks…even after several cups of coffee in the morning time. Guess I’ve been up playing with the new internet and cable connection and making sure there were no glitches too late the past few days.

I finally got my armchair and ottoman. My dogs have been claiming it in shifts. This is my official laptop chair while I test out the internet and cable, and take a few minutes to have a break and remake my to-do list.

Each day for about two weeks, I was going to the storage unit to fill up my car with whatever I could get, bringing it home, and putting up what I could. My office is full of empty and half-empty boxes because it’s raining too much and the wind’s blowing too much for me to throw them out on the burnpile.

I’ve been in a home-improvement groove with this lousy weather: I measured and drilled holes and installed my TV’s wall mount, towel racks, toilet paper holders, some pictures, coat hanger hooks and shelves, and even put Christmas lights all around my side porch by myself.

Gimme a jar of pickles to open, because I’m on a roll.

Well, I was on a roll…now it’s more like sit back, make your first fire in the new fireplace, and re-do the to-do list. Several major things got knocked off this week, which while it’s a good thing, it also means that I’ve got more question marks regarding affordability of moving expenses and storage and scheduling for work.

The biggest two things I needed done occurred Friday morning: the “shipwreck” that’s been blocking my driveway for over a month has been removed. My old house is gone. They moved it aside to a part of my circular drive until they could come back for it, and as I was hanging the last towel bar, I noticed they were hooking up the “oversized load” signs on the back of my old place.

I thought I’d feel something when I saw the house go, because I’ve lived in it so long, but nope. I didn’t really think about it, because I had a phone call to make to the person who had been waiting two months to deliver my storage building. I called him up and he surprised me, saying that they could deliver it that morning before the rain hit. I took him up on it.

“Out with the old, in with the new” seems to be the theme for this weekend.

I haven’t done much more than walk around the new building yet, but I’ve gotta do some major measuring for the floor and all, and start moving my garden tools and supplies out there. That’s where my dad’s 1970’s gym equipment’s gonna go, and some punching bags and whatnot once I get things settled and save some more money.

I could upgrade to smaller equipment, but that’s real iron and steel weights that dad had, the resale value would be atrocious, I’d have to hang onto it for a while anyway, and other than making DECENT room for it, there’s nothing wrong with it.

Dad used to complain that I’d pay for gym fees and all when he had all this equipment that I wasn’t using. The problem was he put it in the smallest bedroom that wasn’t being used, and if I’d tried using the bench press and accidentally lost my grip, that barbell was gonna go right through the freaking wall.

It was THAT small a space. And he had all kinds of other crap in there, so how the hell was it going to get used?

He didn’t seem to think about that, though I did use the arm machine a few times. With a little attention and cleaning (and WD-40, and climate control), the machine and bench connections will be just fine to use.

Now I gotta spend my time working out by lifting boxes, unpacking, and cleaning, at least til I can get the building set up with a good floor and hook up electricity for an air conditioner and lights. And to get the house in order. Sweeping is a heckuva chore, but one I’ve grown to like in a way. What’s most annoying right now is taking the dogs out in this muddy ick and then having to keep them with me by the back door and rub their feet and bellies dry with a dwindling supply of clean/semi-clean towels.

They’ve grown so used to it that when we get in, They just sit and wait for me to get the towels instead of running off. That’s one helpful thing they’re doing, because chasing them down with muddy paw prints would just piss me off too much, especially if I’m trying to pull my own muddy work boots off so they don’t make prints.

Note to self–find waders or mud boots in your size.

Well, back to the grindstone. Gonna be a cold one tonight and my fire’s going out. The wood’s a bit wet still and that’s something I’m more than a little bummed about, but I’ve got some drying on the porch for the next few days, and it’s a good start.

And I dunno where my other dog’s hiding right now…like a quiet toddler, that’s rarely a good sign.

3 thoughts on “Life speeds up and slows to a crawl in shifts this week…

  1. Rae Longest says:

    I definitely intend to reply to this, as soon as I get over being sick for Christmas and can MAKE the time ‘midst all the changes I’m making for a new start in a new year. sound familiar, Hon?
    Know I am thinking about you and praying for you.


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