#083 Blitz Q: Does anybody make green bean casserole when it’s NOT Thanksgiving or Christmas?

Aside from the turkey, the potatoes, and the cranberry sauce (can shaped or chunky, fielder’s choice), a green and brown lumpy mass is usually part of the holiday meal picture. Some concoction called green bean casserole.

I’ve rarely enjoyed a green bean casserole that felt like a true casserole. Oftentimes it looks like green beans with some crunchy french onions scattered on top and some barely-cooked bacon pieces swimming in whitish-water (thank you cream of mushroom soup). I suppose it’s the type of beans you use, because in my family the green beans are so watery that every time I’ve tried to take some out, it makes me wonder why somebody didn’t just dump the can in the sauce-pot and put it nice and hot in a normal bowl with salt and pepper.

But it also makes me wonder–this green been casserole…why does it seem to be the “green” veggie dish on the side for Thanksgiving and/or Christmas? Why not something else? Broccoli? Spinach salad? Peas?

And is there anybody who makes green bean casserole for a dinner that’s not holiday or pot-luck related?

Just something small to bug you.

Floor’s open, and anybody got a fave recipe that’s like an actual casserole? And is there a particular type or cut of green beans that have made your recipe awesome and worthy of year-round eating?

12 thoughts on “#083 Blitz Q: Does anybody make green bean casserole when it’s NOT Thanksgiving or Christmas?

  1. The Arcane Nibbler says:

    I use fresh steamed green beans and make my own mushroom soup when I make it, which is…never. lol But I do make green rice for holidays and sometimes for myself. Ever had that? It’s broccoli, white rice, cream of mushroom soup (with fresh mushrooms added), chopped onion, butter and milk and liberal amounts of Velveeta or, if you’re a heathen, Cheez Whiz. enjoy.


  2. Ally Bean says:

    I’m not a fan of the green bean casserole of which you speak. I don’t like those icky fried onion things and I don’t care how much of a snob that makes me sound like. That casserole only shows up at Thanksgiving and that’s fine by me. It is not something I look forward to nor is it something I ever make. So there.

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  3. Rae Longest says:

    The story goes that the Methodist church ladies in the South created it. The Baptist ladies from the same region saw its convenience and they claimed it. But I was there, and I know because millions of us 60’s wives saw it in a popular woman’s magazine (in an ad for Campbell’s soups), ripped it out and…as Paul Harvey on the radio used to say, “The rest is history.”

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    • TheChattyIntrovert says:

      I went to my neighbor’s house for thanksgiving. Sure enough, somebody brought green bean casserole (barely touched). But my neighbor’s daughter–in a culinary arts class–made bundles of long green beans wrapped in bacon and they were GOOOOD!

      Just makes me wonder why it’s always green beans around the holidays. If I had my kitchen ready to go, I would’ve done broccoli rice cheese casserole like I bring for most every potluck (crossing my fingers for Christmas)

      I like green beans, just not green bean casserole.

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