Rain, Rain, are you gonna “go away” all-freaking-ready?!!!

I think we’ve finally had 24 hours without rain, maybe even 30. The temperature is doing a see-saw, which isn’t so pleasant, but at least it’s not raining.

I swear, every time I talked to somebody the past month, it was raining. Rain delayed my moving out of the house. Rain delayed moving the actual house (and technically it’s still there, just chopped in half and taped up, ready for shipment.

But why not taken already? The freaking rain, that’s why.

I was super excited Sunday when I came back from the store to find all these workers coming around to work on the old place and get the old hitches off (20+ years and subsidence basically rusted the damned things to no use). They said they’d have to let ’em sit overnight and make sure the welds were good before continuing on.

I didn’t care–things were humming along nicely.

Then came Monday, and the threat of rain.

The trouble was the weeks before that Sunday, though. Monday just highlighted the problems.

Weeks of rain saturated the ground so much that when they went to do the foundation pad, there wasn’t going to be an easy go of it. I had to run errands Monday, so I wasn’t there when the heavy equipment and sand came in to fill in the pad area and level it out.

I got a call stating that because of two days of prediced….RAIN…that they couldn’t put the stuff down to dry out the sand quicker. I could figure that one out pretty quick, but sheesh…I did feel down.

The rain started Monday night. Finally finished Wednesday night. But yesterday morning–Thursday–my car got stuck in the damned mud.

I had to park in the back, beyond all that construction, because of all the heavy trucks and equipment. My crushed concrete driveway was so covered with melted sand and dirt and tire tracks that it became soup.

Now I’m really glad I saved money by not going to a hotel room for a month and change…I’m gonna have to use all that saved money to pay for re-concreting most of the driveway!

My entire yard is a swamp. And I missed work an a training appointment at the museum to try and dig my car out… but all the water was gravitating toward my car, as it ended up in the lowest drainage spot in that part of the yard.

Boy, that wasn’t much fun. Spent most of the day trying to get it out myself, and then a nice neighbor helped me hook it up properly to the tractor and that did it. Only took 10 hours.


This is the cleanest picture. The real bitch of it is, I’d just gotten my car washed the day before. Now, after spinning out and more mush, it looks like somebody used an air cannon to launch bean burritos at my tires and hood.

But at least it was pretty today. I hoped that after getting done with taking the dogs to the vet that the house would be gone and the “good” part of my driveway would be temporarily usable again. But this “swamp” is going to be here a few days at least.

I still can’t help but hope that the damn house will be gone when I get home tonight. That’s in about an hour and change.

But I won’t hold my breath.

Because as the temperature and cloud cover seem to see-saw, so do the chances for rain.

No more rain til December, if you please.

The garage isn’t so bad to live in right now, but I don’t wanna do it for a whole ‘nother month, thank you very much. I know I’ve had enough.

Some of us are trying to start a life down here on Earth, after all.

No more rain. Time to be able to get things done again.


5 thoughts on “Rain, Rain, are you gonna “go away” all-freaking-ready?!!!

    • TheChattyIntrovert says:

      I hope so, too. So far, we’re doing okay, but everybody’s trying to get something done (renovations, repairs, etc) this month before it gets slushy and really cold and like flu-weather. I’m just glad I’m not the only cranky person…I’m just tired of the waiting game more than anything. And I hope like hell in the hours I’ve been gone from the house, the drivers have come and removed the darn thing so that the new one has no limiting factors to let them bring it in.

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