The “Last Minute Move” Weight-Lifting and Cardio Workout.

Glad I had all day at home. Spent the day going back and forth between packing the last stuff I have in the house and watching segments from Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. I am still working hard on getting out the door by mid-morning tomorrow and setting up in the garage.

I had a load of work today, and thankfully got rid of an old John Deere riding mower (that thing’s gotta be near 30 years old, but the engine’s still great). That gave me some room to work around in the garage. I just forgot how much crap was out there and spent too much time cleaning that up.

But it will be worth it, because I have double the sleeping and living space in there now. No cage space, though, but I can take the sleeping pads (and put my own down) and be good out there. Already have a ton of food out there, so that’s a help to start with.

But wow–I should’ve gotten all this done a lot sooner. I just got burned out. I’m excited to get a new place, but so tired of packing boxes and moving things that I just wanted to sit down and relax. I did that most of last night, and I had to take a short nap today when I started feeling huge headaches because of the heat.

And I’ve got proof I worked hard outside–a nice tan’s developing. I just couldn’t believe why it took so long to prep out there. How the hell ALL of dad’s mowers, generators and other wheeled equipment had FLAT TIRES amazes me, so I had to take a lot of time getting that taken care of…and I still have to get a battery for the mower. Tomorrow, tomorrow.

So, I still have plenty of packing to do, moving things around to where they need to be for easy access in the morning. I’m counting on waking up really early to finish packing up the garage, break down the cages and move ’em out, and pack up the back of my truck with all the stuff that needs to go into the storage unit for a few weeks.


I have yet to look this happy with all this packing and moving. Maybe on un-packing day I will…but that’s a while.

Oh, my feet are throbbing just thinking about it. Maybe I can bribe the neighbor’s kid to help me out in the morning instead of going straight to sleep on my sleeping bag (because I’ve gotta get rid of my bed tomorrow morning, too!)

Well, if I turn the sound up enough, I can walk around the house and finish the packing part at least. So, I can get this place empty in three hours if need be. I’m not 100% sure when I have to be out of here (the hitches are rusted out on this place and they’re gonna have to figure a way to weld new ones, or something like that). As long as I can keep the dogs in the A/C and I can go out and rip apart the deck after I send the neighbor’s kid to the bus, then I’ll be gravy.

And they’ll be with me in the garage tomorrow…with plenty of room and food.

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