My first foray into Facebook yard sale groups was an hour ago. And oh, boy…

I suspect the word FREE on my post made some people start drooling without checking the rest of the message. Of course, out here people are always looking for good storage sheds and things, but mine’s got lofts and I HATE lofts.

I decided after more family neglected to clean out the lofts when they helped me out before, and actually threw more stuff up there, that I’d never get a storage shed with a loft if I had my way. I’m too short and my ladders are too short for me to reach anything up there anyway.

And I do have my way, now at least. It’s also over 20 years old and I’ve seen some studs that could use replacing. I also want to set my shed higher. I picked a good one out that has more insulation and that I can put climate control in, and that’s why I’m getting rid of this one.

The trouble is, I’m getting bombarded by locals interested in the building, but I have to keep asking “would you be able to haul it off?” And I’m getting mostly no response to that. I don’t want them wasting their gas, looking at it, liking it, and then realizing there’s no way they can haul it.

And to top it off, the electricity’s still attached and I’m trying to figure out how to take care of that.

Luckily, one interested figure is going to get back to me later and see if a friend of his with all the right equipment can be hired this week to take care of it.

I sure hope so.

I know this may sound strange, giving a storage unit away, but I hate the damned thing and it’s so old that it’s got no resale value–it’d probably be worth less than the amount someone would have to pay to haul it off! I just wish the door was in better condition, because the door jamb’s all bent up at the catch. Eons ago my stepbrother left the door open all night during a violent thunderstorm and the door sticks every time thanks to the warping from the repetitive banging.

That’s another thing–I can’t secure my stuff and I know other people who can replace doors far better than I can. I’d rather they do it, because they can improvise and improve it.

So I’m hoping this particular interested party gets back to me really fast and I can get rid of this building, because then I can call the saleslady at the storage building place to go ahead and send the new one out to me. That would be awesome and a half, and I could start working on the building, transferring items in there and putting a floor in for my exercise room (and hangers for my tools in the other section).

So, I suppose I’ve gotta stick around and get things done with this Facebook thing…at least I have more time than I thought. The movers showed on Monday, but they got lost so they showed a bit late. That wasn’t the big problem, though–what happened was the truck got bogged down in my yard and couldn’t get out, BEFORE they even started. So, they had to get a huge tow out there to get ’em, and it’d started raining pretty good before then (gah!). By the end of it, I realized if we went through with it, I’d be late for work, so they came back today instead. Much smoother sailing.

I figured I’d have to rush around and get things done today, and tear up my awful, ratty old deck before the inspector came by to see when they could work. But my home seller told me that after they heard about the moving truck getting stuck, they figured they’d better wait for the ground to dry for a few more days, so I’m glad I don’t have to be out of the house tonight or first thing in the morning.

I have this last weekend in this old house and Monday we can start clean (fingers crossed). I’m glad about that–there are some security lights on the garage I need to put on and a few more things to move before all is said and done, and maybe a storage building to get rid of first.

And it’s been 10 minutes since I last looked at Facebook. Hope I get that call soon, because I had to send a copy-paste response saying I’m waiting for one person’s info first before I can confirm or deny whether the property’s still good to go.

And several aren’t thinking about how the hell they’ll get this thing out of here still!

And if it’s out by Sunday evening…oh, that will be a happy day!

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