The things we learn about other people…

(photo from article in War History Online)

I’m a bit of a rock, jazz and blues person, so of course Tony Bennett’s been on my radar. He has a good voice and some great collaborations. I’m not a superfan, don’t even have an album of his, but he’s been on and off the radar a long time.

So imagine my surprise when I stumbled on an article today from War History online, talking about him back in March. Somehow it popped up in my feed, and it made me admire the man more.

I wasn’t aware he’d served in WW2, though perhaps it shouldn’t have shocked me–so many millions of men did. But he actually started his career there, so to speak, under a different name, and with some unique challenges.

I don’t think I could’ve kept my cool faced with that demotion like he did, but how it shaped things…let’s just say the man’s a cool measure of dignity and grace. I sure wish some people could learn that lesson (and I could probably brush up on it, too, I’ll admit).

From War History Online, originally from March 2018:

Tony Bennett: A WWII Veteran participated in the Liberation of a Nazi Death Camp and was Demoted for Dining with a Black Friend

Shine on, Mr. Bennett.

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