#080–Blitz Q: Why are the not-chocolate Tootsie Rolls NOT available widely year-round?!

This is one of the big beefs about the “holiday candy” thing that I can’t get around. Don’t get me wrong, the Tootsie Roll is a wonderful candy to gnaw on or to just let your saliva do the work and suck on it to make it last longer. It’s got just enough chocolate flavor to enjoy if you like chocolate but aren’t a chocoholic–like me.

But it’s not just chocolate anymore. I remember seeing the vanilla flavored ones for the first time when I was a kid at Halloween, and my mind was blown!

And then I got to like ’em all: the orange, lemon, lime… but I’ve never seen them on the shelves any time except Halloween time. And even then, it’s either in a mix bag with a bunch of other stuff, or there are very few bags of them available.

Seriously, everybody I know who does the Tootsie Roll thing seems to like the other flavors just fine. Why aren’t they on the shelves year-round? Just take off the “Happy Halloween” label and market ’em like regular Tootsie Rolls. Not as part of a lazy grab bag of assorted stuff where you might get two pounds of candy but only 20 Tootsie Rolls. Sheesh!

Methinks they’re missing out on some crazy good opportunities here.

And yeah, I know you can get pounds of it online at Amazon or some other online candy shops, but that’s not the point. What about for the impulse buyer (raising hand) who happens to need something from Walgreens or something and boom–there it is? Other than soft made-out-of-real-peppermint mints and Payday bars…mixed flavored Tootsie Rolls would be the ultimate impulse buy.

So, why don’t they do the multi-flavored Tootsie Roll thing all year long? It’s not like pumpkin spice flavored everything…it can last more than one season, dammit!

In the meantime, I’m gonna keep my eyes peeled for bags of ’em and buy enough to last me most of the next year…because that’s what candy jars are for other than those stupid strawberry things or dum-dums.

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