Don’t Bullsh*t Yourself!: Crush the excuses that are holding you back, by Jon Taffer

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I’m sure the title gave away that this was a self-help book, and it doesn’t disappoint. No worries, it doesn’t curse you out throughout, but does call it the way Jon Taffer does on Bar Rescue…minus the physically in your face element.

His calmer voice comes through well in Don’t Bullsh*t Yourself. If you’ve ever watched Bar Rescue, then some of what he talks about (and some entrepreneurs he refers to) will be familiar to you. But the book is not all about Jon Taffer and Bar Rescue, though it’s a good springboard into discussing how he deals with people dispensing bullshit and why he carries on so with some inept or stubborn people.

I admit, Bar Rescue is the only docudrama/reality show I watch other than Cops. Taffer’s probably the only person I can tolerate yelling on T.V. for any period of time. Otherwise, I turn the channel. But I digress.

People forget that he had a vast array of experience in hospitality and service industries before going into bar consulting.

I like the way he approaches taking responsibility and making things better. Some of the main culprits of bullshitting that he talks about are fear, lack of knowledge (perceived or true), time, circumstances, ego, and scarcity (of money or resources). He gives plenty of examples of working people and entrepreneurs who rose above those excuse-generating aspects of life.

And then there are the stories of continuous excuse-makers, who haven’t let themselves crawl out of their prisons, and what it did or could have cost if things continue(d) to dwindle.

I think this is a useful resource, and one that gets me thinking hard about what I’ve let hold me back in life (hint: a ton). More than that, it makes me wonder what it would take to become my own person, and create my own niche in the world.

And how other people do it.

Don’t Bullsh*t Yourself is worth a look if you know someone who needs a kick in the pants to get their dream of owning a business (or starting one) going, or someone wanting to improve relations with co-workers and bosses. It’s also a book that ‘s like a friendly, plain-speaking conversation rather than a psycho-babble lecture, clinical and over your head.

The man’s a storyteller in this one, so the tips and the ideas are approachable for most readers. Good book to work with.

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