Another Abandoned Dog, or, Why do people have to be so damned lousy?

I think I saw it this morning, or maybe I mistook what I saw because I was distracted by my own dog. I don’t tend to take her out in the morning right before work, but she was on the leash and I wouldn’t have to chase her everywhere to get her back in the house. After all, you know, squirrels, rabbits and her woobie Frisbee are more important than me getting to work on time and in dry clothes.

And so I was in the front yard, plenty of morning light, when I saw a pickup truck slowly turn the corner onto my street, and I noticed a dog next to it. My initial thought was it was slowing down for a dog, since I saw it’s door open and it was right there.

The trouble is, I don’t recall if the dog was there and I thought they were picking it up because it ran away, they were opening the door to see if it wanted in, or they were trying to abandon it.

Either way, I saw the truck use another driveway to back out, and the dog was still there.

And then, probably 10 or 15 minutes later, after I’d put Bessie in the house, fed her, and walked to my car to go to work, this brownish-gray and white dog was coming toward me from across the street. I can’t be sure it was the same dog I saw at the end of the road, and for all I know, I’d seen this dog before.

I just can’t tell–so many dogs and my neighbor has quite a few herself. I probably oughta go see her in the afternoon tomorrow and see if they know who the owner is, or if it’s theirs (sometimes visitors come by and bring their dogs, but I don’t know).

I left the house around 6:45 a.m.–late for me, actually–and didn’t get home til about 8:30 p.m. I parked my car under the carport and the same dog was sitting on the top step of my side door, wagging the tail like crazy. I had to tell it that it wasn’t my puppy and I was sorry because I already had a dog, and that tail was just wagging away.

It didn’t bark or growl at me, and looked friendly.

Which sucks, because with that tail going a million miles an hour, I wanted to pet it so badly and be nice to it.



Dammit, dammit, dammit!

Image result for gif why why why

If my internal monologue had a look, that might be it.

Well, dad told me it had been hanging around all day, and barked a few times (which is how he knew it was there), and my dog didn’t go outside all day because that dog was there. I just put Bessie on the leash and took her out front.

That dog didn’t budge from my back step until my dog swung us around the back of the house (she’s picky where she goes and was curious about the dog she’d been smelling all day). Well, that dog was friendly–didn’t bark or growl at her or make sudden moves. My Bessie was begging to go and make friends with it and sniff it, so I let her close enough for that.

They just sniffed faces a bit and I got Bessie away from the other one. That dog finally left the back door for a bit and followed us slowly around. I was trying to make it keep it’s distance, because it was getting really dark and I didn’t know if there were a bunch of fleas on it or anything.

And there’s nothing less appealing to me than my Bessie turning into a 45 pound hairy brick because she doesn’t want to take a bath.

I came back in through the other door. It didn’t chase us down to try to beat us inside or anything. I just find it weird that it wanted to be smack against the door the way it was.

Then again, I just realized. I’m hearing booms while I’m typing this, and the 4th of July’s around the corner. The poor thing’s probably scared of fireworks.

Aw, crap. Now I really feel like hell.

And Bessie’s under my desk right now, being stroked by my feet to calm her down a bit. Poor thing.

I just wonder if it ran away from home, in which case, I really don’t want to scare if off if the owners come. Dad thinks it was abandoned, and maybe it was the same dog I saw earlier. Maybe it was, I don’t know…or the dog I saw stuck around the truck because THIS dog was in there.

I just know that this dog seems friendly as hell, and when it comes down to it, it’s an awfully dick move to have somebody abandon a friendly animal like that as the summer’s only getting hotter.

Damn people; they just suck sometimes.

Related image
Yeah, that’s more like it.

And I’ll probably be up all night because of this…and the ball of fur at my feet, too.

But as soon as I mentioned the summer heat, dad suggested maybe I should put a bucket of water out there for it, just in case. I was surprised by that and asked if he really thought so (last time I was going to do that for a thirsty animal, he gave me the “you’re a dummy and we’re not keeping it around” look).

So, I got an old plastic sherbet bowl and filled it with water and put it outside under our other carport. But that dog wasn’t budging from our back door, so I went out the front, with another sherbet bowl, and let it drink and enticed it over to that side of the house. It followed the bowl (and me) and I put it down, hoping it would be distracted enough for me to go back in the house.

No such luck. It followed me, tail wagging like crazy. and I had to tell it to sit down, and no, it wasn’t coming in.

And then I touched it’s nose, making it wag more.


I couldn’t help it.

That pitiful face just wanted some attention.

It looks healthy, might just have some fleas or itchy skin (with the dirt around here, I itch myself). Probably a very-recently abandoned or lost dog, then.

I didn’t give it a thorough petting or nothing, just touched it’s muzzle briefly and told it to stay. When it sat down to scratch behind it’s ear, I was able to get in the house and shut the door.

I haven’t heard a peep the past 30 minutes. I hope it doesn’t howl mournfully that it can’t come in, but if it hasn’t done it all day long, it probably won’t.

Either way, part of me hopes and part of me dreads the possibility that we’ll keep this one. Dad said “put water out, but that thing’s not coming in the house.”


It was so dark, I couldn’t tell if it was a boy or a girl.

And then I got to thinking about vet bills and expenses and another bed.

Aw, hell–would I consider keeping another animal in the house?

Maybe it’d be someone for Bessie to play with all day…

But it’s not my decision.

Probably a good thing.

If it was, and I didn’t have to go to work tomorrow (and had money to spare), I’d try to keep it around, give it a bath, take it to the vet for a diagnostic, and name the darn thing.

I hope it is just lost and not abandoned. But knowing the way dogs show up around here, abandoned is far more likely.

And I hope somebody can take it in, if dad won’t.

Because I’m damned close to feeding and naming it.

Why do people have to suck so much, with each other and with animals? Why do they have to hurt beings that trust and care about them in return?Related image

I don’t know what kind of dog it is (I’m bad about breeds and mixes), but that dog seems pretty sweet.

It just makes me so mad that someone would just “get rid of ” a dog, throw it out like some people do bags of garbage when they don’t to haul ’em to the dump (assholes).

But that’s what happens when you live out-county. People make their own rules, and hell, the Sheriff’s office says you can shoot a dog that’s harming your own animals when you’re out county, no problem.

So, Animal Control would be pointless unless the dog was actively harming other animals, or diseased, or rabid.

I hope it’s owner comes looking for it. If it’s still hanging around when I get off work tomorrow (and probably come straight home)…I don’t really know what I’ll do.

Might as well get a good book.

I doubt I’ll sleep well tonight.

Image result for not gonna sleep
Wish this adopted manifestation of my guilt looked a little friendlier today…

7 thoughts on “Another Abandoned Dog, or, Why do people have to be so damned lousy?

  1. bobcabkings says:

    Yep, it really does suck when people abandon animals. I see posters often about lost pets. Maybe you could get a photo of the dog and make a “Did you loose a dog?” poster to put at the grocery store and such. We can hope that it is just lost and someone who does love it is looking for it. If it got to a good animal shelter (no-kill), they could see if it has a chip.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. wolfess says:

    Two dogs??? Piece o’ cake — I have 5 and one of those is an Old English Sheepdog! πŸ€— I haven’t seen a stray dog around here in awhile, but I do feed a couple of stray cats — Freya adopted us a few years ago and even comes in the house when the ‘killer schnauzers’ are in the backyard! Scaredy Cat only showed up a few months ago but I figured if I can feed squirrels, bluejays, raccoons, rabbits, and CROWS (they like pink slime with bacon bits in it!), along with mourning doves and cardinals, then I can certainly feed a second kitty. I think he might be feral b/c he’ll watch me when I go outside, but runs if I get too close. He hasn’t tried to fight with me, but he does act pretty scared; of course Freya did too when she first showed up …
    I like Bob’s idea — it sure wouldn’t hurt to try posting some pictures around town … and maybe by the time you try finding his ‘mom & dad’ your dad will be more amenable to taking on a second furbaby!!! πŸ€”πŸ€—

    Wonderful article, please keep us informed about your stray …


    • wolfess says:

      I know; everytime I hear something like this I think of my furbabies and how there is no way I could let go of any one of them. *Our first 2 schnauzers were Humphrey and Angus; when Humphrey got older he developed diabetes and I had to give him a shot of humolog in the neck when he ate. He never caused any trouble — he ate and I just ‘did it’!

      Liked by 2 people

        • wolfess says:

          Yes they are ,,, including Freya and Scaredy Cat! This morning I took their breakfast out to them and when Freya walked away from her bowl Scaredy made a beeline for it. So I walked way out around him and shook his bowl while he watched, and then put it in the grass and then went back to our front porch. He went back to eating out of Freya’s bowl while Freya ate out of his bowl, and then a few minutes later he went over to eat out of his bowl. After I went back in the house I looked out on the porch and Scaredy Cat was laying down on the porch!!!! I think he’s starting to move in!

          Liked by 2 people

  3. TheChattyIntrovert says:

    Just wish it was my decision–I’m not home often enough to train it and make sure it won’t eat all our furniture, or see how well off it is. Dad would have to be around it all day instead, and he won’t even give Bessie a bath (he laughs when I have to drag her into the tub every time, and it doesn’t help that he teases her about it first so that she runs into her cage and I have to try to dig her out each time–grr).

    Dad’s not in the best health and barely cares for any of the animals around here already (he feeds his parrot, but that’s about it. Otherwise I gotta handle it all).

    On another note, that dog wasn’t around yesterday when I was on my way to work and back home. I heard it bark the night before and then the barking diminished, like it was going somewhere else. Either it found its owner or a place to hang with other friendly dogs.

    I did briefly see it out my kitchen window going around my garage and to the front of my house. I think it was the same one (very bright outside and it looked like it had a collar this time), but maybe it was just stopping for a bit of water in those bowls before moving on. Our backyard hugs a densely wooded area where a deer lease entrance is (I see deer come in the back corner sometimes when it’s really early and cool). We’ve had big groups of dogs go in and out of there a few times.

    But it hasn’t tried to curl up on my porch again. I just wonder if it got distracted and lost (Squirrel!) or scared because of fireworks and bolted off. Most dogs have the run of the neighborhood around here–maybe that’s the case. But I know this is also the time of year more abandoned dogs show up…grr.

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