Fighting Dehydration During and After Illness…with acid reflux

I can’t figure out how this works. I know the old maxim, drink plenty of liquids. Keep yourself hydrated. Coat that throat with good liquids.

I drank so much hot tea with honey, cherry 7-up, orange juice, and Starbucks’ strawberry acai refreshers (the only caffeine I could keep down in small amounts) to numb or sooth the throat the past two weeks, I’m surprised I didn’t drown.

And now that this tonsillitis has eased up, I’m still super thirsty, but two things are bothering me. For one, even regular water is giving me heartburn, and for another, my eyes have been burning just a little each day, as if they’re dried out, too.

With all that liquid I took in, you’d think another drop couldn’t fit. Apparently, part of my body wants something more substantial. Tea with honey was starting to give me heartburn, too.

I guess it’s the empty stomach coming to call, and that’s going to make things tricky. I’ve had a hard time eating, though I’ve wanted to, because so many things were aggravating my throat. Time to look for my acid reflux meds and see what else I can do about this. It’s that time release, take it every day to help out your stomach thing. I hadn’t taken it in months, but since this acid issue’s getting worse (and making hydration painful), time to develop the habit of taking it again and being sensible.

I never really thought about water giving you acid reflux issues. It’s freaking water! But then again, what all minerals and stuff are IN our water, that’s a good question.

And then my eyes. Perhaps it’s the intensity of the sun, but most likely a side-effect of this hydration issue…at least right how. They burn at tear up at random moments…and I think I left my eye-drops at work.

So, water gives me heartburn, tea is giving me heartburn (and I don’t even want to think about coffee right now…though I miss it), anything dairy is to be avoided a while longer…

There has to be something doable (without being too sugary).

First thing would probably get some non-acidic fruits and veggies in me, an actual meal more than soup that will help my stomach even itself out. I imagine weeks of soup really didn’t help that stomach acid do it’s thing, and it’s taking revenge.

And then, keep up the hydration trend with ginger tea. With lactose intolerance, it might be tricky for me to do yogurt or milk-based products…but perhaps in small doses I could have some.

At least, that’s what Medical News Today says (with the typical laundry list of what to avoid).

The funny thing, any time there was an illness and sore throat, chicken noodle soup and 7-up or Sprite always seem to be staples to keep, and Orange Juice. Maybe to get something to fight in your system for ya, or numb the throat, or a boost of vitamins.

I just find it funny that once you’ve got acid reflux, some of those ideas are among the worst.

Even now, I feel that acid reflux creeping up my throat, and I’m debating what to go out and eat before I get to work this afternoon. If I’m lucky, I can get a refresher and a chicken and quinoa salad.

One thing that’s not going to do me any favors is I’m working all night long. I slept in (or tried to) got up a couple hours, took a nap, and now I’m finally getting hungry.

I’m going to go take care of that, now…and dig through my pantry for ginger tea, if there is any…

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