Operation “Get Rid of Crap Before I’m Buried In It” has resumed…

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Not quite that bad, but getting damned close…

I had three unexpected days off, and if I’m lucky, my tonsilitis will be mostly gone by tomorrow morning, when I’ll really be able to get some cleaning work done.

I’ve done some piecemeal cleaning, but it’s not enough. I’ve been telling myself to tackle the mess in my house and storage building for over a year now, and no luck getting much further than a couple garbage bags of stuff.


At least my bedroom, for the most part, has done okay with not being overrun with random crap on the floor for me to trip on.

Then again, what I was too tired to put away after a long day of cleaning is still probably on the floor of my closet and out of the way. If the closet monster would get off the pile, I could probably find a new home for that stuff.

Yeah, moving my music stuff in there and my bed from it’s original location has shrunk the walking space in my bedroom a bit, but hell, I don’t spend much of my time in there anyway. Eventually, when I can play my instruments without getting head-achy (and my tonsillitis gone before my mouth touches that clarinet), I’ll be in there more often.

But I hate how much work needs to be done to get things going right, and I can’t afford to take a few days off to get Goodwill or the Salvation Army to come by and get this furniture and stuff–the problem is, there’s too much crap I have to clear out first and THEN we’ll see.

If dad won the lottery, I’d be out there for a week tearing the house apart and having a week long yard sale for all this furniture and whatnot that I’ve wanted to get rid of the past 15 years. Sadly, a bunch of the “country kitsch” on the walls I wouldn’t mind just throwing in the backyard burnpile someday, but that’s not going to happen any time soon.

No, I’ve gotta make a plan of attack to clean out one space at a time, one weekend at a time. It’s too damned hot for me to get my weekend hours in (dammit), but at least I now have a plan that will let me stay at home (when I’m no longer sick), but be productive.

I admit, today I left the house when I probably shouldn’t have to enjoy tons of piping hot tea and honey at Starbucks. Three days off. I can’t spend those three days at home, even if I should. I had an argument between my logical side and my sanity.

Gas is going up, my logical side says, and you really can’t afford to spend gas going places you don’t need to go. You should stay home and clean.

My sanity side says if I have to stay home all day, too ill to be out and about with neighbors in the heat, and stuck inside to listen to dad flip channels between FUX “news” and snippets of TCM during commercial breaks for 16 hours a day, I’ll bash my brains out against the wall till I finally stop screaming.

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Kronk feels my pain…

Wasn’t a hard sell to say “hello” to Starbucks today.

And thanks to my wonderful tea-drinking today, my tonsils are much less swollen… and I don’t have to do that stupid run into the kitchen to make hot water during the commercial break and hope my tea’s ready to go by the time Hannity or The Five or whoever the hell comes back on the air…ugh!

I wonder if dad knows that’s a big reason why I’m not home or out of my office hermit-hole when I am at home.

But I did some prep-work yesterday for this summer to start it right–I got my hair cut shorter than it’s ever been, and in this heat, it feels nice. That’ll help me be less miserable when I go to re-arrange things in the shed tomorrow and find things to either chuck in the dump or the burn-pile.

Because if I clean the shed out enough, I can sweep it up and move some old furniture in there, out of the way til we have a yard-sale or call Goodwill to go and get it. And likely my art stuff back out there in better containers and conditions than before.

At least I’ve re-confirmed where to start. And it’ll give me a chance to see how bad off or okay the structure is. It’s been there 20+ years and I’ve seen bits of wood hanging off the bottom.

If I could just be sure of this illness being a bad memory by tomorrow morning, that would make my life fantastic.

Til then, I’ll just have to take some time sketching my dream house in between figuring where I can move what with my improvised floor plan for my current abode.

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Seriously, that Brikawood idea kicks ass…way too rich for my blood (and I’d need more space than the models presented on the site would allow for). Still…maybe I can come up with something similar…hmm…


4 thoughts on “Operation “Get Rid of Crap Before I’m Buried In It” has resumed…

  1. carol hopkins says:

    I read somewhere on the topic of simplifying life that it comes to a point when we don’t own the stuff, the stuff owns us because it eats up so much time trying to store it, caring for it, etc. etc.. I wish you luck with your endeavors – may your life be freed from”stuff”.

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    • TheChattyIntrovert says:

      The only “Stuff” I want are my books, my writing implements, art supplies, and music (instruments, books, and stereo). The thousands of things I’ve saved for a “rainy day” and never used need to go bye bye. I have far too much, and too many family things left behind in our place like we’re storage. I’m drooling at the idea of having more space by getting rid of that stuff!

      Liked by 1 person

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