#066 BLITZ Q: Is “Yankees Hate” a running gag in Hollywood and pop culture, or a real thing?

This is something I’ve seen in a ton of movies, and t.v. shows. I was re-watching Thomas Jane in The Punisher a few days ago and remembered a moment when the cop was trying to sympathize with Frank Castle when he re-appeared and said “Obviously you’re upset.”

Castle’s response (at :25):

I thought that was a fair answer. Then I got to remembering all the other times people made a Yankee’s comment in the negative in films and T.V. An early House M.D. episode with the baseball player on pot (and they didn’t want to narc on him) led Cuddy to quip, “it means someone can finally beat the Yankees.”

Those are just a tiny portion of the many little “anti-Yankees” moments I’ve heard over the years of pop culture saturation. It makes me wonder about something: is this kind of a Hollywood running gag, or is there really that much Yankees hate floating out there with the baseball fans?

And if that’s the case, what’s the deal there? Why so much Yankees-hate? I can’t really find an answer to this question, and I’m guessing there are as many reasons as there are fans/detractors out there.

Any baseball lovers, or even minor enthusiasts, out there who could shout out an answer? I’d love to hear it. It’s just one of those things that feels like an inside joke I’ve been missing out on my whole life.

For the record, I kinda stopped paying much attention to baseball, but don’t mind watching the comedies about it. I was glad when the Astros won the World Series last year (yay!), but then I always remember that we had Nolan Ryan and we gave him away to the Rangers (when he could still pitch no-hitters like crazy). Gah! So, that knowledge kinda dampened my enthusiasm…

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