#064 Blitz Q: Who Would You LEAST Like to Meet–The Xenomorph or The Predator?

Image from horrorfreaknews.com

Forget the  “AvP” movies (mainly because I haven’t seen the flicks, so I can’t do a pros and cons list of their strengths and weaknesses against each other). I’m talking original franchises. I’m talking the original Alien and the original Predator from the 70s and 80s films.

I’ve been on a sci-fi binge when I’ve been stuck working overnight shifts. I watched Predator repeatedly the past two weekends. I can’t help it: I’m not even an Arnie fan, really, but I thought the film’s casting, story, music, etc. were freaking perfect. Great popcorn action/sci-fi movie fodder, as was intended.

And the Predator. Heavens, I love the design of this creature (and the effects mostly still hold up 30+ years later). Stan Winston’s a genius and I loved the work he did (props to Kevin Peter Hall and his dedication to making the other-worldly hunter come to life in the most awesome ways).

Kevin Peter Hall, turning into the Predator.

So, it made sense that if I had enough time, I could probably go through the Alien Quadrilogy and some “making of” docs before I ended shift this morning. Had to do some repair work around midnight, so I only made it through Alien 3 (yes, I’m one of those rare specimens in the States that actually likes it, though I’m not 100% sure why. Mashing up the “Assembly Cut” with the Original Theatrical Release’s last 5 minutes sure helps, though).

I watched Alien as a kid, and thought it was scary and the Xenomorph gross and creepy. Well, fast forward a couple decades with DVDs and better picture (TV grainy image takes out a lot of the scare factor) and Holy Crap! Ridley Scott’s original Alien shocked the hell out of me and made me giddy at the sheer imagination and look of the world.

Now I get a little apprehensive around industrial dark corners. Yeah, too many film scenes flash in my head.

But the Xenomorph–heavens, I became a H.R. Giger fan and started looking at his artwork (beautiful and disturbing) when I first saw the “making of” docs regarding Alien. I’m still saving up for space on my wall to get a Necronom IV print.

So crazy awesome. Found on wikipedia.com, Necronom IV by H.R. Giger

The design of the creature was like nothing else, and no wonder Alien did so damned well. Carlo Rimbaldi did great in designing the actual working creature (credit to Bolaji Badejo for being so awesome in that creature suit, and working hard to give the creature a movement like no other).

AvP – AvP – AvP

I thought a lot about this argument and how I’ve felt about the characters, even before that AvP thing started up like crazy. Both characters creeped me the hell out and I don’t think I’d want to be in some remote installation with either of them for sure.

One thing I’ll say for the AvP movie: I agree 100% with the tagline: Whoever wins, we still lose.

But when it comes down to what they’re all about, as master hunters of the universe, I think I’d be chopped liver in no time with the Xenomorph. It doesn’t speak (and the hiss is creepy as hell), it doesn’t reason–it kills and reproduces and that’s it.

The Predator, at least, has a code, a warrior code. I’m not much for guns, so as an unarmed person, I’d rather be in the same room as this guy for sure. Though I gotta say, that little noise it makes like a slow chittering, really puts a shiver down my spine.

You know the shit’s going to go down when it makes noises like that. But the Xenomorph is so silent, and thanks to not being so choosy about its hosts, when it reproduces with that creepy egg, face-hugger, and then chest-burster…who knows how many types of Xenomorphs could come out of the woodwork?

Yeah, I can safely say the Xenomorph is far scarier. It’s better at hiding, it’s quieter, it knows how to find you (even without that crazy heat-seeking vision that was so damned cool in Predator).

And it doesn’t give a damn who you are.

Yeah, I’d least like to be on the same PLANET as one of those Xenomorphs, let alone some installation. I’d take my chances being around the Predator.

Still, that chittering noise it makes, especially the deeper, slower one…ooh…


Your thoughts? Which would you least like to be around?

7 thoughts on “#064 Blitz Q: Who Would You LEAST Like to Meet–The Xenomorph or The Predator?

    • TheChattyIntrovert says:

      I didn’t know of that book–because of the occasional explosion of Sci-Fi popularity, I would end up being outdated anyway (hee hee).
      Yeah, I remember the 1951 Thing–pretty scary, but at least there was only one. If I knew more about it, I could probably add it to the list…because what if more did show up? hmm… Haven’t seen Carpenter’s take on it yet. Nobody seems to have it, but they’ve all seen it.

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