Cross-post: When the “good guy” with a gun waves it around…

My jaw almost hit the ground when I first read this, and then I stopped and thought: why should it? I mean, I’ve known people who act like this…just not in a pizza place.

This story is not my own. It’s by one of my favorite bloggers, John Pavlovitz, a pastor whose work I’ve shared before.

From John Pavlovitz’s site Stuff That Needs To Be Said: To The Guy Waving His Gun During Our Dinner (March 20, 2018)

Hugs, and happy (and safe) eating. I really wanna know what this person’s deal was, and what else happened.

And I’m sure I could find a few more instances elsewhere…(sigh).

Related image

Oh yeah…how the hell could I forget THAT one…ugh.

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