This winter in Houston was–wait, it’s still going? WTF?!

It’s times like this I really wish I’d have gone into meteorology, because we’re all complaining about the same damned thing…and I like having answers when nobody else does.

It balances out my incessant need to ask a trillion questions, so maybe it’s only fair, or just a hyperactive extension of myself, trying desperately to keep me awake as the weather vacillates between zombied warm and zombied cold.

Okay, I’m sure no serious weather-person could get away with that terminology, but I can’t help it. “Zombied” is this recurring pattern you can’t quite predict. It’s not comfortable at all. Imagine two zombies of roughly equal weight sitting on a teeter-totter. They’re not getting anywhere, even if gravity’s doing it’s thing and they reflexively pump their feet on impact, just a little up and down, up and down in an unceasing pattern. Just enough that one of them will have to do something to keep going.

Then again, Flanders’ kids will do, too.

This has been the Houston area for over a week. My morning routine’s been shot to hell because there’s no way to prepare for the weather. It gets warm enough that it’s not comfortable to wear long sleeved shirts in any way, and then cold enough that you’re a damned fool if you don’t have at least a coat (and a couple of blankets, if you’re weird like me) in your car.

Today was put on a coat and wrap a blanket around me on the way to the car. Then raincoat because it rained,

Yesterday was humid fog, a real pea souper that kinda creeped me out short sleeves. Then a raincoat because it poured two hours later. Then fog again and a coat an hour later. And that was between 4:30 and 9am.

The day before was chilly breeze and dismal gray (actually it’s been an icky gray the past three days).

The day before was short sleeves most of the day, and a hoodie made it really comfortable in too-cold indoors.

The day before, foggy and chilly and dismal again….

You get the idea.

I keep saying I’m gonna be sick. Surprised nothing more than a small headache’s come of it yet. Sheesh!

Knock it off already, gah!

I mean, we had actual cold that clung to this part of the state. Actual, freaking cold! I couldn’t believe it, but then again, this is Houston and we were faced with something that we’re not used to down here…dry cold. The dry cold hung on for a while, giving us several days in a row of winter weather. We’re used to humid cold, which usually goes in and out pretty quick.

Well, now we’re trapped in the teeter-totter that hasn’t gone one way or another for very long in the heavens. Shouldn’t we be enjoying our last official cold week and then start bitching about the heat? Ugh.

Yup–wish I was a meteorologist so I could get a better grasp of what the heck is going on around here…and maybe an idea when that annoying trend knocks off and we teeter one way or another for a while. The flu’s getting bad in these parts and I don’t want any of it myself, dammit.

Til then, hope your weather makes you feel better, not worse, in anticipation of Spring.

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