Reigning in that fitness spending… though I still want a heavy bag.

So far, I’ve avoided buying more crap that I don’t need. Whoo-hoo!

However, I really was looking hard for a heavy bag to kick. I can’t get a used one from old co-workers (they gave it to some family member), and I want a free-standing one, anyway.

Oh man, I still haven’t been back to MMA, and I have to be at work all day long. I miss kickboxing so much…but I can’t afford anything anyways since there was a discrepancy on my last paycheck. I had to remind myself of that when I went browsing at Academy.

Just browsing, and I’m glad I didn’t get a chance to buy–because the choices they had in store weren’t well reviewed online.

That’s the most challenging thing when it comes to fitness equipment–some things are good ideas, and some look like rejects from infomercials when you finally get to take a look at the box. And if the item you want to research is “not sold in store,” how the hell can you do useful comparison shopping?

Umm…I have no idea what the hell that is.

I buy online only as a last resort if I know the item is in the store. I want to take a good look at the product and its construction. How big is it really, how do you work with it, what are other accessories that go with it and how much are they?

You can now see why I STILL haven’t gotten an elliptical, and at this rate may never…but the weather will warm up eventually and I’m planning walking areas.

Anyhoo, because of the popularity of MMA, kickboxing, and other contact sports, I find it a bit disheartening that quality doesn’t seem to be standard even in a brand-name. I nearly dropped some money on a freestanding bag that I found out can’t quite take the punishment.

And one thing usually indicates the biggest difference between a fantastic review for a product and a mediocre or poor one: the age of the user.

Most of these heavy bag reviews that are 5 star or better indicate that the user is a child. Obviously, an 8-year old is going to have a hard time knocking down something twice as big as they are and at least three times the weight. Parents have little to worry about them getting broken (unless the kids are trying).

Some of these freestanding bags also have a base that looks too high for safe kicking if you are practicing lower kicks, or doesn’t look like they are very big at all. I am still researching, but that’s something to keep in mind if you’re in the market like me–definitely see what age the user is if the reviewer mentions it.

I’m concerned more about room and filling the base. Sand is heavier and harder to move once it settles, and water is easier to fill and remove…but if it gets a hole, you’ll have a soaked floor. I’ve seen the pros and cons of that, and as long as I make a good spot for it (and keep my handcart handy), sand is the best option.

At least I won’t have to concern myself with heavy hardware and attachments, and the parts look like they’re easy to replace if needed.

And since I still have to clean the hell out of my house first (to MAKE room for this thing, and other equipment I have), then I’ve got some time to research.

Hmm…wonder how many calories I can burn moving furniture and cleaning the house the next couple of months…hmm…


2 thoughts on “Reigning in that fitness spending… though I still want a heavy bag.

  1. Andrew says:

    Every piece of equipment I’ve purchased in my lifetime has had the best of intentions but always ended up getting sold to a friend for pennies on the dollar or donated. I’ve stopped buying equipment in lieu of the perfectly good sidewalks and streets in my neighborhood. All I buy now are good sneakers that keep my feet from falling off. Hope you find the perfect freestanding bag 🙂


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