Honeymoon, by James Patterson & Howard Roughan

My copy: 978145552985 (image from amazon.com)

I was directed to this book because I was looking at James Patterson’s outline for his Masterclass. Now, though, I’ve read it twice and still enjoy the hell out of it. Nora Sinclair is a woman I don’t think I’ve ever read in literature before, and she makes it worth it alone.

Honeymoon is a twisting, suspenseful book about a woman who is irresistible, so much to the point she’s seeing several men at once and always looking for more.

And maybe there’s a reason for that, since they tend to end up dead.

This leads to an FBI agent, O’Hara, who goes in undercover to see what’s really going on, trying to figure out if she’s just really unlucky or in fact a serial bigamist murderer. And which side is he leaning toward as he spends more and more time in her presence?

The writing is pretty good and it’s definitely a page-turner. I’m not really up on name brands and stuff when it comes to fashion and furniture, so I can’t really appreciate some of the basic scenery with the labels and whatnot either piled on or thrown casually into the descriptions. But that aside, I can get the basic gist that Nora and the men she’s after are mostly rolling in dough.

There were some questions I still had as far as characterization, but I was satisfied in the long run, and VERY satisfied with the ending. I was nearly cackling by that point and re-read it over and over again. Wonderful.

So this is a pretty good book for somebody who wants a good page turner and loves suspense and murder mysteries. I have read a handful of James Patterson’s works, and will probably read a few more, but I will definitely say this one’s worth a look. Definitely a unique main character to follow, which helps.

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